Nazareth Hospital welcomes doctor

Posted by Spalding Hurst

July 6, 2021

Dr. Nizhat Jahan, with a degree in Obstetrics and Gynecology has joined Nazareth Hospital in Mokama, India. She completed her studies in June 2020, and has many ties to Mokama. In fact, Dr. Nizhat, as the oldest of seven siblings, was born at Nazareth Hospital. Three of her sisters are medical doctors, and two of her brothers are medical students.

Dr. Nizhat completed her medical studies at Katihar Medical College and Hospital, and worked at Lokmanya Hospital in Delhi, India.

She has a seven-month-old son, and her husband is a surgeon at Madhubani Government Referral Hospital. Dr. Nizhat came to Mokama inquiring if there might be a part-time opportunity in obstetrics and gynecology. She joins Dr. Shanti James, SCN. On any given day, Dr. Shanti can see a wide variety of cases, but during this recent second coronavirus surge, many patients came to her with COVID-19. In one month alone this spring, she had 2,100 patients.

Dr. Nizhat also joins Ancilla Kozhipat, SCN, a much loved doctor in Mokama with decades of experience, who maintains a hectic pace even as she is in her 80s. Dr. Nizhat says she feels privileged to be in ministry alongside Dr. Ancilla. She shares that Dr. Ancilla’s many years of experience of diagnosing and treating the patients inspires her and is quite different from the theoretical training that Dr. Nizhat has had while in school. Dr. Nizhat noted that in Mokama, with very minimum tests, infertility treatments are carried out quite successfully. This as compared to the costly laboratory tests and treatments in many other private hospitals and larger cities. Patients come from many places for infertility treatment at Nazareth Hospital.

Dr. Ancilla enjoys working alongside Dr. Nizhat, adding that the addition of her to the Nazareth Hospital family is a great help. Dr. Nizhat, meanwhile, is grateful for the many opportunities to learn from Dr. Ancilla, as well as the freedom to work and practice what she learned when she was a medical student.



  1. Eugenie Coakley scna

    It is great news to hear that Dr. Nizhat is joining the team at Mokama Hospital – the need is great. It is fantastic that you are combining both the latest training and learning from the experienced providers.

    • Ajit Kumar

      Pls save the people of mokama

  2. Mary Gene Frank, SCNA

    God has blessed Mokama with the return of a daughter. Many blessings for all her daughters.

  3. Rosemarie Kirwan

    Dr. Nizhat, I am delighted to learn of your return to Nazareth Hospital. May your presence be a great blessing to both Ancilla and Shanti, and to the people of the area.

  4. Beena

    Congratulations! What a great blessing to have the daughter of the soil come to serve her own people.

  5. jessie saldanha

    Indeed a Blessing to Nazareth Hospital , a much needed help to Both Ancilla & Shanthi. Let us hope & pray for many more such Blessings. I wish Dr Nizhat all the best & may she inspire & motivate her family doctors too to come & serve at Nazareth Hospital.

  6. Anne Marie,SCN

    Thank you, Dr. Nishat for joining Nazareth Hospital. You will be a real blessing for the many needy patients who go there.

  7. Betty Blandford scn

    Many blessings on Nazareth Hospital! This is a special gift to Sr Ancilla with some needed help..

    • sarita

      Welcome to Dr. Nizhat to Nazareth hospital. Mokama people’s desire is fulfilled! Our hospital will grow again.

  8. Roselyn

    Welcome Dr. Nizhat, you are God sent.

  9. Name *Joel

    Miracles never stop!! Nazareth hospital like grass that are dormant is sprouting at the appointed time of the Creator!!

  10. Ann Palatty

    What a privilege to have one more doctor at Nazareth Hospital. I wish her and the hospital blessings and prayers.


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