Nazareth Home’s Mary Haynes is a Health Care Hero

Posted by Dana Hinton

February 21, 2023

President/CEO of Nazareth Home Mary Haynes was among the Health Care Heroes recognized by Louisville Business. The annual Health Care Heroes program features medical professionals who go above and beyond to care for their patients and the community. This publication honors honoring those who have impacted health care in our community through their concern for patients, research, innovation, and management skills. Mary was recognized as an Innovator, “someone who breaks ground in the health care field by developing or implementing new technology, treatments or programs with wide applications.”

Mary’s Q&A with Business First:

Years in the industry: 31

Years at current position: 21

Hometown: Marrowbone, Kentucky

Lives: Prospect

Hobbies: Entertaining, learning, and history

Describe your job and your responsibilities.

Leadership and strategy development for a long-term care health care organization founded in Catholic values.

What advancement in health care are you most looking forward to?

Continuity and choice. I expect at all points across the health care continuum significant breaks exist, but we see personal needs for coordination of chronic conditions as we seek to put the pieces together for elders, patients, and families.

We need to address choice and the only way to have a real choice in treatment is clear information about conditions. We have a long way to go here in our aging culture where specialty medicine is routine. The World Health Organization says one out of two people are ageist.

The impact of ageism in our culture impacts health care for those who are aged, and it impacts the health care organizations such as ours that are solely for aged people.

What is your top goal for 2023?

Growth in partnerships with like-minded organizations to improve and sustain our person-centered mission to aging families.

What is your most memorable, career-defining moment?

Career defining moments are learning moments. My greatest learnings are from listening to elders, family members, staff, patients who tell me what I need to know to make our environment and services better.

My experiences have taught me the value of truth in relationship development. There are many times when it has taken a lot of courage to present the truth in a crucial conversation, but the reward is almost always there.

To you, what makes someone a health care hero?

A passion that fuels persistence. There are few human endeavors where the return on investment is quick.

Change is a process and impacts on a system such as health care, and certainly long-term care with its regulations and prescriptions takes passion, persistence and comfort with risk. Doing well within the system is more easily mastered than taking a risk to step out.

My hat is off to those who push for change that helps the individual served as well as helping the organization.

What makes you hopeful about the future of health care in our community?

My hope is always in people reaching a point where they push the system for change. The pandemic and its impact on the workforce have given us a clear message of the value of the team member. Without engaged team members, the greatest technical or clinical improvement cannot be realized.

As I interact with team members, I know they have solutions, and consumers have a lot to say! My hope is for leaders of our health care community to engage both team members and consumers to reach better solutions and outcomes.



  1. Earline Hobbs, SCN

    Congratulations and thanks for all the professional and compassionate service to the sick and elderly.

  2. Sister Luke

    Congratulations! I am so very proud of you and of all your accomplishments! I am inspired by your devotion, compassion and integrity !

  3. Betty Blandford scn

    Mary, I have always had so much admiration for your work and continual advancement at Nazareth Home. We are so grateful to have you with us!

  4. Theresa Knabel

    Congratulations, Mary! You make us proud and we are so grateful to have you as leader.

  5. Sarah Ferriell

    I saw Mary in action doing the very things she believes in. And yes, this work isn’t always easy, but we see such wonderful results. Thank you! Sarah Ferriell, SCN

  6. Ann Palatty

    Mary, Congratulations as you surely are a heroine in the health field. I am glad the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth have the privilege of having you as the Director of Nazareth Home. May you inspire many more by the innovative changes you initiate in the care of the elderly.

  7. Louise Smith

    Thanks Mary for being there for so many people who need your faithful loving care.


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