Nazareth College Reunion: Class of 1969 & 1970

Posted by Spalding Hurst

September 11, 2023

Last weekend, alumni from Nazareth College’s Class of 1969 and 1970 (and a few from 1968) returned to their old college. They came to remember old times, meet friends, and see how the campus looks today.

They first met in Bardstown, a place familiar to them during college and where some have settled today. Then, they had lunch at the Motherhouse. After eating, they listened to a talk in the Mary Madeline Room, which brought back many memories that they shared.

They also toured the campus. On Sunday, some attended Mass at St. Vincent Church, just like they did as students. Many Sisters were there to greet them. Their warm welcome reminded everyone of the care they got when they studied at Nazareth. At the end, the Sisters gave them a special blessing.


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  1. Maury Collins

    Spalding, thank you so much for posting these photos and video. Would it be possible to add the slide show of the pictures that we sent in to Stephanie that ran in the background during the lunch? It was a lovely lunch and a great weekend for us, many thanks for your help and kindness.


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