Nazareth Campus Update – April 2024

Posted by Kacie Emmerson

April 12, 2024

Will Rosenbaum, director of Nazareth Campus Services, provided a campus update to Sisters at Nazareth on Friday, April 12, 2024. The update touched on the following topics:

  • The Carrico Hall construction project will now begin on Monday, April 22. The renovation project includes removing some bedrooms to expand the gathering areas.
  • Rooms 119, 219, 319, and 321 in Carrico Hall have been prepped for deconstruction as part of the renovation with the goal of reusing some elements. Network closets on the first and third floors of Carrico have also been split.
  • The sale of attic furniture on Feb. 22 raises $408 for the Nazaerh Mission Committee. Two 26-foot U-Haul trailers of additional furniture were donated to Sitio Clothing Ministry to benefit immigrant families.
  • Work is being done on the southside of campus for a fiber optic network expansion to the guard post, which will serve the new security system. The expansion will also improve Internet and phone service to Vincent Cottage.

  • New flooring was recently installed in the Motherhouse library as well as O’Connell Hall Apartment 3H and David Hall 103. The carpet installed in the library is tile carpet, which will be easier to clean and replace by section if needed.
  • Radiant heating panels have been installed in a section of the Motherhouse Dining Room ceiling. HVAC is also being installed in the Motherhouse and O’Connell Hall elevators to help keep them warm.
  • New remote-operated blinds have been installed at Crimmins Hall. The mesh blinds will allow the room to maintain ambient light and visibility while dimming enough for presentations.
  • Composting efforts continue in the Dining Hall with some new signage to clarify what can be composted.
  • Landscaping and mulching is beginning campuswide.
  • New prices are now listed for Crop N’ Curl on campus.
  • The roof of the maintenance shop was replaced, and a new sign for the Purchasing department was installed to help direct deliveries. A new guardrail was also installed near the generator on campus.
  • Announcement of a new employee in Food Service, Joey Sharrard

(video available upon request)

Following the presentation, Sisters were given the opportunity to ask questions, comment or raise concerns. Those included:

  • Concerns about litter on campus, the need for regular cleaning and suggestion of signage reminding visitors not to litter
  • Inquiry if audio/visual equipment at Crimmins Hall damaged in a recent storm would be replaced in time for the upcoming SCNA weekend. Rosenbaum said replacements have been ordered and should be available by the end of the month
  • A request for more opportunities to provide input regarding campus services, needs and concerns
  • A question about composting at the community garden and its upkeep
  • A request to clean up the Stations of the Cross on campus
  • A request to clean up the cemetery and remove plastic flowers/outdated decorations
  • A request for more colorful landscaping and the return of some landscaping elements previously removed


  1. Liz Field

    It’s wonderful to see how well Nazareth is being maintained all around, inside and out! Thanks to all who have had a hand in making this happen, from those in financing to those who do the hard work! All of these efforts are likely to pay off by way of attracting others to tour Nazareth. I hope this kind of reporting will go on Nazareth’s website if not already. Easter blessings to all!

  2. Paris Slapikas

    Wonderful updates and progress being made. Thank you for sharing and to all those involved in making all this happen to take care of our beautiful and sacred space.

  3. Mary Gene Frank

    This password is not working.

    • Mary Gene Frank

      It took six tries to get the password entered. My iPhone tried to force me to create a strong password. Signing on was easier on my computer.


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