Naturopathy for Wellness

Posted by Kacie Emmerson

January 5, 2023

Naturopathy – also called naturopathic medicine – is a medical system that has evolved from a combination of traditional practices and healthcare approaches popular during the 19th century. People visit naturopathic practitioners for various health-related purposes, including primary care, overall well-being, and treatment of illnesses.

Naturopathy is as old as history; it is as new as tomorrow; the system that cured people years ago will help people today.

Naturopathy is the art and science of healthy living and a drugless system of healing based on well-founded philosophy.

It has its own concept of health, disease, and principle of treatment. Today’s wellness movement advocates the same basic principles as early naturopathy, clean eating, fitness, and mindful coexistence with the breakneck pace of modern society.

Nazareth Hospital inaugurated the Wellness Center, the first in Bihar, on April 20, 2016, by the Archbishop of Patna, William D’Souza, SJ. He quoted Mt. 11:28, “All of you who are tired from carrying the heavy load, I will give you rest.”

A person born healthy and strong can stay healthy by living in accordance to the body’s needs of fresh air, sunshine, exercise, relaxation, positive thinking, a positive attitude, prayer, meditation, and a proper diet. All of these play a significant role in keeping a sound mind and a healthy body.

SCNs Aruna Kerketta and Sushma Xaxa, along with Dolmit and Gilbert Lepcha, were the first staff to work at the center.

They practice care for others with the belief that disease occurs when we violate the needs of the body. The whole system of treatment is based on the elements, ether, air, fire, water, and earth. It consists of therapies that are gentle, non-invasive, effective, and do not have adverse effects. Naturopathy addresses the physical, environmental, lifestyle, attitudinal, and emotional aspects of health. It treats the cause of the disease, not the symptoms.

The objectives of naturopathy are to change the unhealthy living of people and to teach them the beauty of a positive lifestyle with the practical help of different naturopathy modalities.

Naturopathy specialist Dr. M. Sarju and a consultant at Nazareth Hospital said, “As the vehicle needs servicing after a certain mileage, we human beings also need to get back to nature to bring harmony within our whole system.”

Thus this center offers the hope and scope for wellness and wholeness for all with a drugless system.

The well-setup center combines naturopathy, Ayurveda, and acupuncture. They offer yoga, hydrotherapy, mud therapy, massage, various types of packs, herbal application, diet therapy, as well as Shirodhara, kizhi, pichu, dhara, and Basti. Accommodation is available for a comfortable stay at the center.

Sister Aruna shares her experience of working in the wellness center, “Since it is new for people in and around Mokama, slowly, they have come to know the benefit of it and are responding to it.”

About 80% of those who seek wellness treatments are with chronic illnesses. There is about 20% of persons who are in need of rejuvenation and detoxification.

Dr. Bhavna Shekhar cuts the ribbon to inaugurate the Wellness Center in Mokama.

“It’s a long treatment of seven days to one month. They become like a family and interact a lot and share about their personal life and family. Sufficient time is given for sharing and counseling,” says Sister Aruna.

Though patients come with specific problems, they return healed and feel whole. My experience is that naturopathy treatment is the complete healing within mentally, physically, and spiritually. Thus, it is holistic healing.”

Staff at Mokama Wellness Center including SCNs Aruna Kerketta (left ) and Sushma Xaxa (second from right).

Dayawanti Minj came with severe lower back aches. She was unable to walk, sit or bend. She was having numbness in both legs due to spinal nerve compression. She was treated by orthopedics and neurosurgeons and was advised surgery as the last option left to be cured. She took a chance and came to the wellness center for treatment. In a month’s time, she was able to carry out her daily routine activities. She followed all the instructions given to her, and now she is able to do all the household work.

There is a simple lifestyle that one can adopt to keep healthy. At the wellness center of Nazareth Hospital, the staff is seeking ways to promote healthy lifestyles for people of the area. Nature has the tremendous power to heal, repair, and bring harmony to the body, mind, and soul.


  1. Janet Ballard, scn

    Wish we had this here at Nazareth, Kentucky and Chi heath care centers. Loved the article.

  2. Lisa Downs

    We need facilities like this here in Kentucky!

  3. rita puthenkalam

    I cherish the seven-day naturopathy treatment received at the Naturopathy Centre at Nazareth Hospital, Mokama – not for any particular ailment, but as a means of rejuvenation! What stands out in my daily memory is the loving dedication of our Sisters Sushma Xaxa and Aruna Kerketta. I continue practicing the instructions given to me after my seven-day naturopathy treatment.
    I take this opportunity to express my loving gratitude to the two stalwarts.


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