Microgreens & Sprouts Video

Posted by Julia Gerwe

May 4, 2022

Sister Paschal and Sister Molly teach us how to grow microgreens and sprouts in a new video from the Office of Ecological Sustainability. Growing our own food supports our call to intensify efforts to address the ecological crisis. Come watch and learn how!

To view the video, click here.


  1. Elizabeth Field

    Great job, Paschal and Molly! I love this idea! I’ll think about growing sprouts first, to check my success, and my limited space. If I do decide to try growing sprouts, I’ll let you all know. Such a well done video, and this is a good time of year to start. Thank you, and “Happy Growing” to you at Nazareth!

  2. Joanita

    So lovely, makes me want to try. Thank you, so much. I think you should upload to youtube>com


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