Memorial prayer service

Posted by Spalding Hurst

January 8, 2022

Sisters, Novices, and Candidates gathered together for the memorial prayer service of Sister Marietta Saldanha in convent chapel on the evening of Jan. 8, 2022.


  1. rita puthenkalam

    Reliving all the fun we had during our novitiate and later… how you all fooled us, your juniors at every turn…

    Your suffering is at an end; enjoy meeting Lawencetta and all our dear SCNs in heaven …

  2. Nimmie

    Dear Marietta,
    May you be in God’s eternal abode interceding for us your sisters.
    I will forever remember all that you taught us.
    Thank you!

  3. Ann Palatty

    Rest in peace, Marietta. You suffered much. Your reward is great in heaven.


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