Student gains career experience at Nazareth

Posted by Spalding Hurst

September 28, 2021

Addie Woods is currently spending part of her senior year of high school working in the Office of Mission Advancement. Each school day she spends the afternoon immersed in the office at Nazarareth for on-the-job career experience. Addie’s focus is on marketing. At Nazareth, she is lending her skills in video production, graphic design, photography, and website development, while improving upon them.

This is part of the Path2Pro program through Bardstown High School that is designed to grant students opportunities to explore careers they may be interested in through internships and work-based learning. Path2Pro is individualized for each student based on their interests and career and academic goals.

Addie, a senior at Bardstown High School, shared the following about herself, so you could get to know her better.

Where you are from and can you share about your family?
I have grown up here in Bardstown, Kentucky, with my twin brother, Luke, and 13-year-old sister, Lydia. Both of my parents are teachers, my dad teaches for Bardstown and my mom is an elementary school teacher in Washington County.

What are some sports or activities you’re involved in at school?
At school, I am involved in Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA), Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA), National Honor Society (NHS), and the swim team.

What field of study do you plan to pursue in college?
In college, I plan to major in marketing and minor in entrepreneurship, and possibly Computer Informations Systems.

What draws you to marketing?
What draws me to marketing is the creativity that it allows for, and I enjoy learning marketing strategies for different types of companies/organizations.

What do you like about working at Nazareth?
I enjoy meeting new people at Nazareth, everyone has been so welcoming and friendly. I also like being able to see the backend of a nonprofit organization and the leadership, planning, and communication it takes to keep everything running smoothly.

What are you learning in your role here?
Thus far, I have learned everything from flying the drone to improving my photography and journalism skills. I have learned the importance of different angles and how they attract the eye and make for a more interesting picture, how to use WordPress, and am beginning to learn a bit more about Adobe platforms.

Addie will graduate from Bardstown High School in the spring of 2022 with her high diploma and through a dual credit program, as a college junior.


  1. Carol Johnson

    Addie you are the best. Good luck in all that you do. Nazareth is blessed to have you with them.

  2. Liz

    Keep your dreams as you take one step at a time! So glad you chose Nazareth as a collaborator!

  3. Lance Blanford

    Thank you to Spalding Hurst and all of the great people at SOC Nazareth for giving Addie this opportunity! It is rewarding to see our student’s putting the skills they have learned within our school building to work in a real-world setting. A better yet, she gets to be a part of an organization that helps so many in need. On behalf of Bardstown City Schools and the Path2Pro program, a heartfelt THANK YOU.

  4. Sister Luke

    You are a bright ray of sunshine at OMA!
    Sister Luke

  5. Rita Davis, SCN

    You’re such a joy to everyone you meet here at Naz. May you be blest in your senior year and on into college. Thank you for your help and quiet and endearing presence to us all.

  6. Rosemarie Kirwan

    Addie, we are so blessed that you are here on campus with us. You are doing an amazing job — the butterfly pictures are proof. May this experience be a valuable preparation for your future endeavors.

  7. Jennifer Stone

    I’m so proud of you Addie! You have a bright future ahead of you! You amaze me! Hugs and kisses!

  8. Christine Beckett

    Addie, welcome and thank you for doing your internship at OMA at Nazareth. So exciting to have you among us!

  9. Barbara Joseph Lammers

    Am so glad to know who is behind the name that has been appearing on the web site. Keep up the good work. I am very impressed.

  10. Nimmie

    Best wishes Addie. I have seen your posts and appreciated all the opening notes of each of them.
    Thank you

  11. Ann Palatty

    Looks like you have a bright future ahead, Addie. Best wishes.


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