Massachusetts Sisters, Associates Celebrate Together

Posted by Kacie Emmerson

July 20, 2022

Sisters and Associates in Massachusetts gathered recently at Catherine Spalding House in Brockton to celebrate community and to welcome Bev Hoffman, SCN, as the summer ” artist in residence.”

Sisters of Charity of Nazareth Ann Whittaker and Anne Marie O’Shea once again hosted a delightful time of camaraderie, prayer, and food. The gathering was the first of its kind this year as other events had been postponed due to weather. During the get-together, the Sisters and Associates celebrated the Western Province Assembly by giving gift bags to the Sisters who could not attend. They also honored the 50th Anniversary of the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth Associates with prayer, cake, and flowers, which will be planted at Catherine Spalding House.


  1. Mary Medley Bonn

    Congratulations to all, esp. to fellow-partier in Raymondville, TX , Ann W. I’ll extend Elizabeth Fields’ observation to former members, as well. I can’t get any work done for meeting with former SCNs to celebrate some occasion, say the sun coming up, or setting, another day. Could it be traced to those snacks from the bakery and big kitchen’s # 7 on Laundry Days?

  2. Liz Wendeln

    Ahhh…fond memories of northern area gatherings! Community is at the core of mission! Wondrous

  3. Elizabeth Field

    One thing is for sure: SCNs and Associates know how to celebrated life, each other, and mark special achievements and moments with each other. A farm of thanks for these revelatory pictures and surrounding spaces of the Catherine Spalding House in MA! Love it all!

  4. Ann Palatty

    I remember the several gatherings I attended while I was in Boston some years ago. They bring fond memories to my mind. And how can I ever forget Catherine Spalding House and the hospitality of Ann Whittaker ans Anne Marie O’Shea?

  5. Camille Panich

    That adjective “delightful” surely does apply to all of you pictured in these photos from your celebration. Bev, you are truly blessed to be welcomed into such a wonderful place by such great Sisters and Associates! May you all enjoy your special time together.

    • Tess Browne, SCN

      Thanks Ann and Camille.
      Many beautiful memories of you Ann, and your times with us in Greater Boston/ Brockton/ Wareham, etc.
      Camille, we delighted in one another’s company, and appreciated being able to come together in person.
      We anticipate welcoming you, Barbara and Michelle to Massachusetts.
      Love and blessings. Tess


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