Lunch and Learn Shares History of Nazareth Buildings

Posted by Kacie Emmerson

June 18, 2024

A Lunch & Learn history series hosted by the Heritage Center continued at Nazareth Motherhouse Campus on Tuesday, June 18. The series provided a brief history of the various campus buildings.

Ignatius Hall, which no longer stands on campus, housed a gymnasium and pool.

Heritage Center Director Kelly McDaniels and Archivist Veronica Priest led the presentation, walking the audience through the interesting histories of buildings currently on campus and those no longer standing. The presentation can be viewed below:


  1. Kelly

    A correction: I mentioned the hail storm that damaged the choir loft window. In the presentation I stated that occurred in 2018, but it was actually April of 2017.

  2. Linda Lander

    I have been fascinated by the architecture of the historic buildings, and the history of the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth, since the first time I visited the campus. Thank you for posting the informative video and slides about the buildings at Nazareth.

    Dr. Nora Liu, a close friend and former colleague, taught physical education at Nazareth College and Academy from 1961 – 1967. She has many stories about Nazareth, including tales about the swimming pool. She said she “created a revolution” when she advocated for students to wear shorts and bathing suits for classes. She will enjoy seeing these photos and adding her own unique commentary. I think she might be in one of the pool photos on the far right.

  3. Maria Brocato,SCN

    What a delight to see and remember my years at Nazareth Academy/College! Thank you , Kelly and Veronica, for this presentation.

  4. Annette Skees

    Watching the video brought back so many memories of my years as a Nazareth Academy student: sliding down the fire escapes on the front of O’Connell Hall; riding the freight elevator by the girls’ dorm with Sr. Helen Ann; enjoying time away from studies in the designated rooms for each grade in Ignatius Hall; the opening of the swimming pool there; hearing the beautiful music played by Sr. Macrina on the old church organ; plays, orchestra, and glee club presentations in Gardiner Auditorium, as well as commencements; and finally, dodging bats and wasps when retrieving suitcases from the girls’ attic. Thanks for a wonderful presentation!


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