Lucia Thuluvanickel, SCN

Posted by Spalding Hurst

November 10, 2017

Lucia Thuluvanickel, SCN, (75) was born at Kaiyur parish of Palai diocese, Kottayam district in Kerala. She passed away at 2.40 am on Nov. 10, 2017, at Nazareth Hospital in Mokama, Bihar. Sister Lucia has been a professed Sister of Charity of Nazareth since 1968.

Sister Lucia was trained as a nurse at Nazareth Hospital in 1965 and specialized in Public Health Nursing in 1972. She served as a nurse at Nazareth Hospital, Mokama from 1969 to 70. Sister Lucia was one of the pioneers at the Community Health Centre, Bakhtiarpur from 1971 to 75. In Sokho, one of the rural missions, she reorganized the approach in ministry from formal health and education to more of a spiritual healing ministry from 1975 to 1981.

Sister Lucia worked in full-time retreat ministry for five years living in the Jamtara community and in collaboration with Navjyoti Niketan staff in Patna till 1986. For thirteen years, she served as the head of the spiritual care department at Nazareth Hospital. Based in Barauni she was in full-time retreat ministry from 2000.

Sister Lucia was authentic in her prayer life and always desired deeper union with God and community. By nature, she was a gentle and reflective person who listened attentively to others. She actively participated in all the SCN meetings and her insights were very much appreciated. Sister Lucia was a person of great spiritual depth and she was an example of a life lived in prayer and deep faith. She spoke gently of her convictions, for example, she believed in bringing about a pastoral approach in all our ministries.

Financially Sister Lucia helped in the education of many young girls with resources from her family members. She also found jobs for the girls who had no opportunity for any education. She had a heart for people and they appreciated her with love.

Sister Lucia had a sense of humor and she looked forward to tea time with the Sisters enjoying her kadi (snacks). The Sisters always had a hearty laugh talking about it. Sister Lucia’s life was simple which was evident in her choice of clothing.

Sister Lucia is preceded in death by her parents Annamma and Thomas Thuluvanickel and her siblings, Chandy, Aleykutty, Joseph I, Joseph II and Annakutty.

She is survived by her two sisters, (Celine) and Thankamma, two brothers, Thomachan, Mathew and many nieces and nephews and her Sisters in community.

The funeral Mass will be celebrated by Most Rev. Sebastian Kallupura, bishop of Buxar at Nazareth Convent at 11.00 am on Nov. 11 and the burial will take place at the cemetery adjacent to the Shrine of Our Lady of Divine Grace in Mokama. Rev. Prem Prakash, the Vicar General of Patna Archdiocese will also be present.

Lucia, you will always be missed by your Sisters and those who loved you dearly. May you be welcomed to your eternal reward by our loving God!


  1. Celine Saldanha

    Shocking and very sad to hear that Sr. Lucia you are no more with us . Though I have gone far from you yet your love and concern towards me will always be cherished in my life .

    I am sure the Loving and Compassionate God of Our Love will take you and keep you in His Lap to sing His praises as you were on Earth.

    One day will see you face to face in heaven ……..missing U ……….


  2. Sarah Ferriell

    I will always remember Sister Lucia with gratitude. her welcoming manner was always refreshing.


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