Luau Shines: Culture, Compassion, and Connection

Posted by Spalding Hurst

August 29, 2023

Last Friday’s Sister Services Luau exceeded expectations with a vibrant turnout of over 24 Sisters. Attendees embraced the Hawaiian theme, donning tropical attire that complemented the day’s spirit. The luau was a cultural exploration, a fundraiser, and a heartwarming gathering.

A highlight of the day was the chance for Sisters to contribute to the ongoing Maui Relief effort. In a display of solidarity, over $200 was collected during the event, underscoring the compassion that defines this community.

The luau, meticulously arranged by the Sister Services team, offered an immersive dive into Hawaiian culture. Attendees enjoyed educational insights into the islands’ history and traditions.

Conversations flowed freely as Sisters exchanged stories, creating an atmosphere of genuine connection. The luau’s culinary offerings, including Hawaiian drinks and snacks, transported everyone to the Pacific’s sun-soaked shores.

As the day wound down, it was clear the luau had surpassed expectations. Donations for Maui Relief showcased the Sister community’s commitment to global impact. It is a giant planet we inhabit, and events like this remind us of unity’s power across it.


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