Leadership for Change

Posted by Ava Culver

February 21, 2024

The Indian Nursing Council conducted the Leadership for Change program in collaboration with the International Council of Nurses – Geneva under the guidance of Global Director Kristine Quereshi from 10/12/2021 to 08/12/2023. The program’s main aim was to strengthen and cultivate leadership skills and influence change to improve education and practice. A total of 40 nurses holding different leadership positions at various levels were selected from across the country by the Indian Nursing Council and were trained. Indian Nursing Council sponsored the entire program, which consisted of workshops followed by Training of trainers. The group took up seven projects and developed models to roll out the LFC program PAN India.

The projects carried out and accepted were:

  1. To improve the competency of new graduate nurses by expanding their clinical experience opportunities. 
  2. To improve the safety of nurses in the workplace. 
  3. To develop a model to strengthen academic and clinical partnerships in Nursing. 
  4. Model on Nurse patient ratio. 
  5. To reassess the status of the career profession among clinical nurses in India and the development of a model career ladder. 
  6. To improve patient care in XYZ Unit using an Evidence-based Practice methodology. 
  7. To optimize the nursing skill mix for quality care. 

The culmination of the program was the graduation of 40 LFC trainers on Feb. 20, 2024, in Delhi, organized by Indian Nursing Council in the presence of Dr. Kristine Qureshi, LFC project Co-ordinator, from International Council of Nurses, Mrs. V. Hekali Zhimomi, IAS Additional Secretary (ME), Dr. T. Dileep Kumar President INC, Dr. Jogendra Sharma, Vice president INC, Lt. Col. Dr. Sarvajeet Kaur, Secretary, INC, Mrs. K. S Bharati Joint Secretary INC. 

It was a day of great excitement and joy for all trainees to meet everyone at the end of the program. They were honored with certificates and selected as trainers for the country.

Sister Usha Saldanha feels proud and privileged to be the only one selected from Bihar and the only religious in the group. She has the chance to be a team leader. This program brought transformation in her personal life and work area with the realization that nurses can do so much to bring change wherever they are. 



  1. Eugenie Coakley, scna

    Congratulations, Sister Usha! Completing this training is an excellent accomplishment.
    May you find many ways to put your new learning to great and good use in your ministry.

  2. Linda Soltis, SCN

    Usha, a hearty congratulations! I remember being so impressed by you at the General Assembly. The hard work ethic of your early years and the example of your family, and Community have served you well. You have used your many gifts wisely. You have truly made a difference in this world and continue to do so. Congratulations on another well-deserved honor.

  3. Barbara Joseph Lammers

    Congratulations, Usha. What a gift you have given for Bihar and so many nurses and those they will serve.
    Barbara Joseph

  4. Camille Panich

    Congratulations Usha. What a wonderful honor and a great opportunity.

  5. jessie saldanha

    Hearty Congratulations Usha, we are proud of you. It’s an honor for us as there a number of nursing colleges in Bihar but you were selected( from Bihar). Great ! Kudos !!!
    May this experience : Leadership for change program under your able guidance touch many young lives to scale up this nursing profession still greater heights to touch may lives with care & compassion. May God continue to bless you & the change you wish to bring forth to the society through this nursing profession.

  6. Christine Beckett

    Usha, congratulations!!!

  7. Hilda Lobo

    Congratulations dear Usha. I am proud of you. May God bless you as work to make a difference in the lives of nurses.
    You are a courageous and dedicated person. Keep it up the good spirit!

  8. Rosemarie Kirwan

    Usha I read your biography yesterday, and then this account this evening. It is such a fitting continuation of your story. You have achieved much that will continue to advance the nursing profession in India.

  9. Barbara Gilmetti

    Congratulations Usha! You have influenced many people over all these years!

    Barbara Gilmetti

  10. Angie SCN

    How wonderful!

  11. Maggie Cooper

    The program sounded wonderful!
    Congratulations, Usha, on completing this in depth program. I’m sure it will serve you and those around you well!

  12. Maria Brocato

    Congratulations, dear Usha! How proud we all are of your achievement.


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