Amidst the global health, economic, and social crisis in the world today, the inter-province formation team was able to gather for the first time after the COVID-19 pandemic at Chandapura, Bangalore. The members present were SCNs Anice Vattukulam, Arpita Mundamattam, Basanti Lakra, Beena Chirackal, Susheela Hansdak, Jayanti Lakra, Paska Mary M, and Suchita Kullu.

Having an offline meeting from March 31 to April 2, 2022, was obviously a great achievement. As the days went on focusing on the various stages of formation, the group experienced a lot of prayerful support and encouragement. The formation team was also very privileged to have the Zoom conference with the vocation promoters and the in-charges of the study houses (Bangalore, Ranchi, and Patna). The directors of the ongoing formation could not be present. The formation team is very grateful to all of you for your constant prayers, understanding of the formees who are in our care and taking great interest in their well-being.