INDIA 75: The Pioneers

Posted by Kacie Emmerson

September 30, 2022

Seventy-five years ago, the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth began their first foreign mission. To celebrate our presence in India, we will follow the journey of our Pioneer Sisters. Over the next year, you will read the story of how six SCNs traveled from Nazareth, Kentucky, to set up a hospital and serve those in need in one of the poorest regions of a newly independent India. 

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We continue our chronicle of the SCN mission to India as we learn of the six Sisters who were chosen to be the pioneer group to travel to Mokama in 1947. The Annals from Sept. 21, 1947, recorded the names of these six chosen Sisters:

Sister Lawrencetta Veeneman – a music teacher at St. Joseph School in Frankfort

Sister Crescentia Wise – a pharmacist at S.S. Mary & Elizabeth Hospital in Louisville

Sister Charles Miriam Holt – Superior at New Hope

Sister Florence Joseph – a nurse at Mt. St. Agnes Hospital in Louisville

Sister Ann Cornelius Curran – a nurse at St. Joseph Infirmary in Louisville

Sister Ann Roberta Powers – a teacher at Holy Name School in Louisville

These Sisters received appointments from Mother Ann Sebastian and the Council to the first foreign mission accepted by the Community. Pictured at top, the Sisters pose for a photo with The Rev. E. J. O’Leary, procurator of the Jesuit missions in Patna.

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  1. Name *Joel

    Wonderful idea to have thechronicles of our pioneers for a whole year. Love to hear/ read again and again about those 6 saints,.our pioneers!

  2. Egwu Immaculate chinwendu Assumpta

    May God who called you into his vineyard continue to be with you all strengthen and renew his anointing against the troubles of this world through the intercession of our blessed lady ever Virgin Amen
    Love you all sisters


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