As the economy continues to worsen for the people of Belize during the COVID-19 pandemic, Sisters missioned in Belize City have sprung into action. The suffering for the homeless population there has worsened due to their donation-seeking not being as fruitful. The Sisters of Charity of Nazareth at SCN Center Belize set out to assist the homeless population in the downtown area with a plate of food, a dessert, and a drink. The food and drinks were prepared, packaged, and then made ready for delivery by the Sisters and friends.

“Special thanks goes to my mom, Gloria Codd for making the yellow carrot rice and the SCN Associates who agreed to donate the desserts monthly,” said Sister Carlette.

This month, Marilyn Garvin donated jam rolls for a sweet addition to the meal. Those who received it were very thankful and grateful for a nutritious meal. The Sisters are hoping to do this monthly on an ongoing basis.