Helping the homeless in Appalachia

Posted by Spalding Hurst

July 16, 2022

In the beautiful mountains of Kentucky, an eight-person volunteer team recently engaged in an outreach volunteer ministry to repair a home, meeting the basic needs of a homeless woman in need. They worked in Beattyville, Kentucky, in partnership with Dora Ross of Cornerstone Ministries.

Sister Rena Fernades is visiting Kentucky from Delhi, India. She enjoyed joining the team during the week to give of their time, talent, and gifts so graciously. Sister Rena said, “It was a very good experience with the people of this mountain area, with volunteers and our Sisters.”

Please continue to pray for the success and safety of all the current and future SCN Lay Mission Volunteer Immersions.


  1. Sister Luke

    I was thrilled Rena wanted to volunteer with us. We all enjoyed her company on our mission in Beattyville!

  2. Elizabeth Field

    Amen to what Joel said! A beautiful spirit and inspiring ways the Spirit is bringing people together, globally! Thanks to all helping with this ministry!

  3. Name *Joel

    The Spirit is breaking the traditional boundaries of ministry by SCNs ONLY!!Thank you Associates. May your Tribe increase and multiply.
    Rena, I was there in the70s, bet you enjoyed!!


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