Happy Independence Day to Botswana

Posted by Spalding Hurst

September 28, 2020

This year’s independence day comes at a time when Botswana’s social and economic life is disrupted by the pandemic. The nation continues overcoming these challenges by retaining the faith that has characterized Botswana’s nationhood of 54 years of independence as a nation that has continuously enjoyed peace, tranquility, stability, and economic development.

The Sisters of Charity of Nazareth send their loving greetings to all who have and continue to serve in Botswana.


  1. Eugenie Coakley

    Happy Independence Day to Botswana and to all who minister in that great country!

  2. Teresa Kotturan

    Happy Independence Day to all of you ministering in Botswana during this difficult period. You are in a great country. I was so happy and proud to listen to the President of Botswana addressing the UN General Assembly. Under his leadership the country is on track to achieve justice, peace and development for all people.

  3. Dot Jackson

    Sisters it’s good to know that the country continues to be at peace
    while so many others are struggling because many refuse to see
    all have much to share within their country. Peace is a simple
    word and yet it is a challenge that many of us struggle to live and
    share with one another. I pray that Botswana can be an example
    of how it is possible to live as peaceful people.

    Know that each one of you are in my prayers. Dot Jackson

  4. Sunila

    Thank you dear sisters for the wishes and prayers for the iIndependence Day. Thank you. Sunila

  5. Sangeeta Ayithamattam

    Happy Independence day, dear sisters in Botswana.
    Praying for the beautiful country of Botswana and its peoples in these difficult times of the pandemic.

  6. Basanti Lakra

    Happy Independence Day to you Sisters Ann, Vinaya, Nalini, Sunila, Bibiana, Mary and Philomina Hembrom. may Botswana continue to spread the message of peace and development to the world. Praying for all citizens too. Enjoy the day and the blessings!
    Basanti Lakra


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