Graduation Ceremony at St. Francis of Assisi Academy, Marereni

Posted by Kacie Emmerson

November 1, 2023

Graduation is a time to celebrate new beginnings and say goodbye to everything that has given you a reason to smile. It is warm memories of the past and big dreams for the future.

Kindergarten graduation is an exciting milestone for pre-primary children as it’s their first step towards a future full of hopes and possibilities. It marks a new beginning that adds new dimensions to their school life and the journey they begin toward knowledge and education.

To celebrate progression and development, St. Francis of Assisi Academy, Marereni, celebrated Graduation Day with a beautiful cultural program portraying the yearlong learning of the students, in particular the 34 second-year pre-primary students. The event was held on Oct. 27. It was a joyful occasion where the director, Father Nicholas Kileo, school board, SCN Sisters, parents, and teachers gathered to wish them well. The program began with a word of prayer and a prayer dance by the students. It was followed by a welcome dance by first-year pre-primary students. They also recited a beautiful poem on “My family,” emphasizing the importance of the family. The other students added color to the program through songs, poems and traditional dance. The grade 3 students expressed their desire to continue their education in the same school through a poem. Unfortunately, it’s impossible as the institution does not have the grade 4 currently.

The climax of the Graduation Ceremony started with the smart tiny tots of pre-primary walking the stage dressed in their graduation attire. They were accompanied by their parents, teachers and students with melodious songs and rhythmic movements. On reaching the stage, the 34 blooming buds recited a poem in Kiswahili, saying bye-bye to the pre-primary and sang a song in English, thanking everyone for helping them grow. They expressed their joy in moving to another level of education. The students cut the cake and fed the parents, a sign of gratitude and joy. 

Father Nicholas felicitated the students with a Certificate of Graduation. The parents blessed their children with the gift. It was a proud moment for the parents as they saw their children grow. Father Nicholas, the school board chair and the parent representative, in their convocation address, complimented the graduates on their achievements and congratulated the teachers for their dedication and hard work in shaping the students through education and other co-curricular activities. They also thanked the Sisters for the changes brought to the school and appreciated their presence very much. Sister Vinaya Chalil, SCN, also thanked everyone and wished the graduates well. 

It was indeed a joyous and memorable day for not only the little ones but also a proud moment for the parents and the mentors as they witnessed their children receiving their graduation certificates.

May God bless these tiny “graduates” as they continue their education in the mainstream of the school!

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  1. Barbara Joseph Lammers

    May this be their first graduation, to be followed by more in the future. Congratulations to students, teachers and parents,


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