Golden Jubilee of Sister Ann Muthukattil in Botswana

Posted by Spalding Hurst

August 21, 2022

Saturday, Aug. 20, 2022, was a day of joy and celebration for the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth and Associates of Botswana Mission. In Kanye, the Thapalelong Parish celebrated the Golden Jubilee of Ann Muthukattil, SCN, honoring her 22 years of committed service to Botswana, especially her eight years in pastoral ministry in the parish. Having Adeline Fehribach, SCN, the other SCN Golden Jubilarian, celebrate with her added joy to the occasion.

Sisters of Charity of Nazareth gathered from the three communities within Botswana with Associates, religious, priests, friends, and other collaborators. They joined Sister Ann, celebrating her with great joy and gratitude for her selfless and loving presence. The Central Leadership Team, SCNs Sangeeta Ayithamattam, Jackulin Jesu, and Adeline Fehribach were privileged to be present and participate in the celebration.

Sister Ann was one of the five pioneers of the Botswana Mission when she happily responded to the call of the congregation in 2000. Over the past 22 years, Sister Ann ministered as an educator both in Kanye and Lobatse until 2013, and from 2014 she has been engaged in pastoral ministry at Kanye Parish and at the diocesan level. The celebration concluded with both Sister Ann and Sister Adeline planting trees on the convent premises.

Click here to see more photos.

Congratulations and God’s blessings, Sister Ann and Sister Adeline!


  1. Monica Boggs

    Congratulations, Sr. Ann! I am so happy you are doing well, and celebrating your golden jubilee. It was a blessing to meet you when I was in Botswana.

  2. S. Rita Davis

    What great pictures Blessings on everyone attending. The children looked so lovely in their uniforms too!

  3. Julie Driscoll

    Ann, Congratulations on your Golden Jubilee! I was excited to see the pictures of your Botswana celebration and it brought back many happy memories of seeing you in action there and knowing well how you deserved it.

  4. Maggie Cooper

    Congratulations, Ann! You have a lot to celebrate! So happy the people of Botswana can celebrate with you . What a joy to have Adeline, another 50 year celebrant and the whole leadership team there to celebrate with you!! Blessings!!

  5. Ann Palatty

    Congratulations, Ann Muthukattil, on your Golden Jubilee. What a privilege to recall that nearly half of those golden years was spent for and with the people of Botswana. They have every reason to be proud of felicitating their Golden Girl. God be praised.

  6. Barbara Joseph Lammers

    Congratulations, Ann, Blessings on you and all you have done and all those with whom you have worked. I am sure it was/is a great celebration.
    Love, Barbara Joseph


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