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December 29, 2014

Golden Jubilee Celebration in Mokama, India

The celebration of SCN Golden Jubilarians Anne Philip Gnavally, Mary Juliana Tuti, and Ancilla Kozhipatt (pictured left to right) began with a Eucharistic celebration at 5:30 p.m. on Dec. 28. Sushila Telra, SCN, welcomed the large gathering of Sisters as well as the Jubilarians to the celebration. She said that we thank and praise God for these Sisters for their dedicated and committed service, as well as their faithfulness to God. 

The Jubilarians were led to the altar with an entrance dance by SCN candidates. The Mass was enriched with the melodious singing of candidates and novices. The choir was led by SCNs Sushma Bodra and Sushila Telra.

The main celebrant was Rev. Dominic, SJ, assisted by Rev. Manish, SJ. In the homily, Rev. Dominic gave a very inspiring talk by reading some of the history of the SCNs. He thanked the Sisters for their joined service of 150 years to the Church.

The joy was indeed doubled with the presence of SCNs President Susan Gatz, Vice President Sangeeta Ayithamattam, and Mary Elizabeth Miller, former President of the Congregation. Sisters were filled with a sense of wonder and gratitude to God for the wonderful persons Sisters Ancilla, Anne Phillip, and Mary Juliana have been to the Congregation and to the Church.

Written by SCNs Leena Padam and Binita Tuti

Watch video from the celebration at:


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