Golden Bells Ring at Nazareth Academy

Posted by Ava Culver

January 8, 2024

On Dec. 30, 2023, the Gaya campus of Nazareth Academy transformed into a festive spectacle adorned with vibrant colors, lights, decorations, banners, and lively band music. It warmly welcomed numerous alumni, their families, past principals, and present teachers to commemorate the Golden Jubilee of NOSA (Nazareth Old Students Association). The association, initiated by Sister Eugenia Meuthing SCN on Dec. 27, 1972, was inaugurated by the first Principal, Sister Charles Miriam Holt SCN.

Here are some excerpts from the responses we have received:

 “A great and super get-together for the Golden Jubilee celebrations at our first Alma Mater, the school that gave us the base and impetus for our journey of life!!. Nice coordination and conduct. Thank you very much. Congratulations to our dear Sister Roselyn and the enthusiastic and dedicated team of Executive committee members of NOSA. Keep it up and press on. The alums’ narration or choral recitation of our school history, along with photographs, was the icing on the cake. Nice and wonderful concept and presentation. Once again, greetings, and God bless all.”

 Col. Dhiraj V Shah, batch of 1965

“Words can’t describe how I felt as I stepped out of my car to move towards the Nazareth Academy gate. It was a wintry day on Dec. 30, 2023, but I could feel a lot of warmth with the surge of emotions at seeing my dearest alma mater, which has changed so much. As if not to miss out on any perspective, I clicked snaps of every nook and corner as I inched towards the Sisters’ convent. The rest was history. We lived with our past memories and felt a sense of belongingness for just a couple of hours. The whole event was run exceptionally well. Thanks to the organizers and the alums who were enthusiastic to make it a success ever since this event was planned. NOSA, the brainchild of Sister Eugenia, was carried forward by Sister Ann Marie and presently by Sister Roselyn along with her team, who made this extraordinary experience of meeting old friends possible.”

“We were thoroughly absorbed in all the planned events, followed by some new initiatives by the alums and a regal walk on the stage, batch-wise, to introduce ourselves to the audience. As we left the auditorium for the campus, our eyes started searching for Mother Mary’s grove, the good old Tamarind tree, and the chaparral spot (hand pump for drinking water). We started visualizing the students’ lines, prayers for the assembly hour, the bell sounds, the frequent excuses to the bathrooms, the bookroom, and whatnot??, each adding to our joy. The food menu, ranging from starters and main courses, was superb. Our chats, in due course, took us back to our schooldays while exchanging information, capturing moments through clicks, and meeting our teachers, Sister Sunita and Sister Cassilda, to name a few. I really enjoyed meeting my students as well, as I had served my alma mater as a teacher for a couple of years. It was a homecoming for me after 25 years. I am indebted to this institution for the transformation in me, making me capable enough to face the world of competition till now.” 

Professor Vinita Krishna, batch of 1981 

 “It was an absolute pleasure, delight, and privilege, on top of all, to attend the Golden Jubilee Celebration of NOSA at my Alma Mater “Nazareth Academy.”

“Words will not be enough to describe how I felt taking a walk through the campus after almost 30 long years. The same classrooms, corridors, and ground with markings still showing where all drills and races were organized sent a wave of nostalgia through me. I was privileged to meet a few of my teachers during the function. Looking at the young kids in their uniform was a joy and pride that cannot be written in words. I totally feel in awe of my school and will remain ever grateful to my Alma Mater for each and every achievement of mine to date. I offer my sincere congratulations to the organizers for putting up such a great show. I am happy that I attended it and re-lived a few of the best moments of my life.”

Dr Bineeta Kashyap, batch of 1991

“Flight cancellations and detours couldn’t dim the homecoming glow, and my school’s alumni association golden jubilee celebration wouldn’t be missed. I arrived in Patna instead of Gaya and navigated on the road with a four-year-old in tow. Reaching late, I walked a nostalgia-paved path. The auditorium echoed whispering tales of teenage angst, the field a tapestry of green memories and where legends were born. My four-year-old, wide-eyed witness held my hand as we greeted ex-teachers, their wrinkled faces alight with recognition. A few classmates, time etched on their brows, embraced like old friends. Time, like a fickle flight, had shifted, but the school’s heart beat strong, binding us in a golden thread of belonging. With more memories etched in my heart forever! Long live Nazareth Academy! Long live NOSA!” 

Romsha, Marketing Officer, batch of 2000

“Being present for the Golden Jubilee of NOSA, Gaya, was a one-in-a-lifetime experience that I will reminisce on through the rest of my life. I may not be present for the Diamond or other jubilees of NOSA, but this one is not just historic but nostalgic, emotional, and full of affirmations from all who were present there. I was wonderstruck at the appreciative meetings with old and new NOSA members, recalling their days with me in such golden tunes that I couldn’t even believe it was me they were talking to. It was an experience I can only thank God for, and you, Sister Roselyn, and the Executive Committee members of NOSA, Gaya.”

“That is on a personal note. But as a participant and observer, I am still trying to fathom all that has happened there. Everything was addressed and addressed. That video on the past members, both living and dead, filled me with pride, gratitude, and fond memories. Who can deny the fact that we stand on their shoulders, and the contribution of each one has become a legacy for generations to imitate? The felicitations of veteran NOSA members and the staff who have given committed service for many years show NOSA’s unforgettable gratitude to the institution. The meticulous planning, the daily reminder for people to be present, and the selfless service towards those who participated were all experiences no one can deny or forget. The Souvenir and Memento will carry the memories materially, but above all, the hearts filled with gratitude, satisfaction, and a tremendous feeling of fulfillment will continue to re-energize everyone for years to come.”

“Thank you, Sister Roselyn and all NOSA Members, for making all this happen.”

“May NOSA live in the hearts and minds of everyone across the world as through NOSA Nazareth Academy, Gaya lives its values and principles. God bless everyone, and thank you.”

Sister Ann Palatty, SCN, Past Principal, Nazareth Academy, Gaya (1984 -1994)


  1. Joel

    Wonderful gathering, nostalgic moments, for all gathered.
    Congratulations tobthe organizers

    • Tess Browne

      I rejoice with you all at the Golden threads and links of gratitude, learning and friendships; connecting hearts, memories and achievements. Viva! Congratulations NOSA, Roselyn, EC, Alums, Ann and all.

  2. Joel

    It sounded a fantastic gathering. I am very proud of our Alumnai and also our previous teachers/ sisters who helped in shaping the destiny of these women and men.

  3. Barbara Joseph Lammers

    What a great way to commemorate a golden jubilee. From the stories of some of those who attended it seems that Nazareth Academy molded many people who went on to share with many others.

  4. Rosemarie Kirwan

    What a wonderful celebration this must have been for all who attended. I found a sense of delight welling within me as I read the sense of pride being expressed. I am so happy with all of you who were involved in making it happen for the former students.


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