Gaya’s Gala for Good

Posted by Spalding Hurst

November 6, 2023

At Nazareth Academy Gaya, a heartwarming event unfolded. The Nazareth Old Students Association (NOSA) of Gaya orchestrated a festive fundraiser with deep purpose—to aid the underprivileged, integral to the academy’s wider community.

The grounds were transformed by 42 vibrant stalls, each a treasure trove of delights. Gastronomic pleasures, literary finds, playful games, and a merry-go-round created a tableau of joy for children and adults alike. The “Sisters Stall” at the entrance, helmed by the EPDO along with Sisters Rena and Vandana from Gurgaon, offered a tantalizing mix of momos, cupcakes, and plants, each purchase contributing to ecological stewardship.

Sisters’ Stall

More than a marketplace, this stall served as a beacon of learning and inspiration, promoting a symbiotic relationship with nature for all visitors. The fundraiser stood as a celebration of Nazareth Academy’s community spirit, with every member contributing to this charitable cause.

The event brimmed with an outpouring of enthusiasm, resources, and space, allowing the usual pace of life to thrive alongside a surge of creativity. Laughter and merriment echoed as students, their families, and alumni indulged in the festivities.

A poignant highlight was the inclusion of financially disadvantaged children from the Academy’s remedial classes, each receiving a token to revel in the festivities.

Participating in this event, one could feel the unity and zeal of NOSA, the EPDO, and the Nazareth Academy’s commitment to the “tread gently” ethos. A nod to Sister Roselyn Karakattu’s endless creativity and genuine dedication, this gathering was more than mere fun and frolic; it was a testament to community spirit and a collective effort to enrich our world.

Joel Urumpil , SCN


  1. Ann Palatty

    Roselyn is known for her never ending creativity. This is another example. NO SA has come much more alive with Roselyn at its helm. Congratulations, NOSA, and Roselyn.

  2. Anne O'Shea

    Wish we could have been there…fun, consciousness raising, a great time for all. Roselyn and sisters… have boundless love, energy, and commitment. Thank you!
    Anne Marie and Ann

  3. Maria Brocato

    What a joy to see all ho are involved in this endeavor to assist those who are in need!

  4. Monica Boggs

    Congratulations Sr. Roselyn and all. Your hard work paid off. Love and blessings!


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