Fun in the Sun: Students Shine in Belize

Posted by Spalding Hurst

October 15, 2023

In Belize, a group of volunteers from the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth are on a mission trip to build a home for a family in need. Since Oct. 9, they have been working to construct a new home, but their impact doesn’t stop there. Among their members are two bright young students from Bardstown High School, junior Michelle Hundley and sophomore Hollis Hurst, who decided to go the extra mile by bringing some extra joy and playfulness to children of St. Michael School in Las Flores, Belize.

When the team visited the school, they were given an opportunity to repair and paint a playground set that had seen better days. The group knew that they couldn’t let this chance to brighten the lives of the local children pass.

Hollis and Michelle, two compassionate young women and members of the volunteer team, took charge of the playground project. They brought their creative spirits and a dash of youthful exuberance to the job. Together, they designed a captivating new look for the playset, infusing it with vibrant colors that mirrored the energy of the children it would soon entertain.

This early sunny Sunday morning, the team assembled at St. Michael School. With each brushstroke, the playset came to life. As the morning sun made way for the late afternoon, the once-tired playset was transformed into a symbol of joy, fun, and, most importantly, safety. The children of Las Flores could once again swing, slide, and laugh to their hearts’ content.

While the home construction project continues to make progress, the Sunday building project added to the whole experience. Michelle and Hollis, who were once preschoolers themselves at Montessori in Nazareth, Kentucky, have come full circle. They’ve honored the values instilled in them by the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth and given back to a community in need, bringing smiles and laughter to the faces of the young souls they touched.


  1. Judy Beaven

    What an inspiration! To see volunteers bring joy to your new friends so far from home is a delight! Thanks especially, Michelle and Hollis, for taking such a big step to help others.

  2. Rosemarie Kirwan

    Those children and their parents will long remember what you did. If you crossed to the other side of the village you might come across another playground that was restored and in part recreated by young people like you. Thank you for seeing a special way to respond.

  3. Linda Soltis, SCN

    Thanks for using your talent and energy to brighten the lives of the children who will be using the playground equipment.

    • Tess Browne

      Yeay Hollis and Michelle!! Way to go. 💞🌎Thank you for spreading joy and goodwill through your generosity and talents.
      Blessings and peace✌️💐🌈

  4. Marty Woelfel

    Way to go, Michelle and Hollis!

  5. Frank Hettinger

    Young people have a vitality that inspires the rest ! They can be a very positive influence on any group. Thank you ladies for your inspiration !

  6. Sr Angie Shaughnessy

    Thank you for traveling to Belize and sharing in our SCN ministry.

  7. Carlette Gentle

    Thank you all so much. I am sure the school is very happy for the face lift and the kids will be so excited. Thank you all.

  8. Brenda Gonzales

    Thank you for all that you have done for the children of Las Flores!

  9. Sr. Maggie Cooper

    Wow! So glad to see pictures of you both onsite in Belize. Another wow to see what you have done to the playground! I know the children there will be very happy to see their playground update! So glad you went there to help!


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