Four Women Embark on a Transformative Mission to Nepal

Posted by Spalding Hurst

July 28, 2023

A determined group of volunteers from Kentucky is poised to make a difference in Nepal. Commissioned by the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth, these volunteers carry a shared dream of service, education, and empowerment as they prepare to journey halfway around the globe.

Ellen Sprigg (RIGHT), with the Lay Mission Volunteer Program at Nazareth, proudly introduced the team. Their mission – to spend two weeks working alongside the Sisters of Charity at the Navjyoti Center for differently-abled children. Besides assisting in daily operations, they will also bring a vibrant change to the school’s exterior by creating a colorful mural to inspire hope and joy in the students. The volunteers will additionally engage with women enrolled in a 6-month skills training program, an endeavor aimed at providing them with sustainable means to support their families.

The team features three dynamic women – Erica Watts, Olivia Bickett, and Jean Hall. Erica (2ND FROM RIGHT), a seasoned volunteer, wears her heart on her sleeve and a smile that can brighten the bleakest days. A social worker by profession, Erica has been on several mission trips, responding to disasters and supporting communities from Belize to Mississippi.

Olivia Bickett (SECOND FROM LEFT), a recent graduate from the University of Louisville, brings a unique blend of creativity and commitment to the group. As a future health care and behavioral health design professional, her passion for art and design is evident. Notably, she’s the designer of the mural design that will soon grace the walls of the Navjyoti Center.

Although unable to join the team’s introduction, Jean Hall’s resume of global travels and language skills make her an invaluable asset. An educator and administrator, Hall is currently working towards her doctorate. With a personal connection to the Sisters of Charity through family, she brings an intimate understanding of the mission’s objectives.

One thing became apparent as the team members accepted their commissioning blessing led by Sister Jacky Jesu. This mission to Nepal is not merely about service but also about crossing cultural barriers, forging lifelong friendships, and igniting the flames of hope and empowerment. It’s about painting a brighter, more vibrant future, one brushstroke at a time. In the spirit of the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth, these women are set to touch lives, hearts, and souls on the winding streets of Kathmandu.

The upcoming journey, the first of its kind for the Volunteer Program, marks a new chapter in the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth’s centuries-old tradition of service. As they prepare to depart on July 30, the anticipation, excitement, and determination are palpable. The team stands ready, prepared to extend their hands in service and their hearts in companionship to the people of Kathmandu.

The Navjyoti Center, run by the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth, is a day school in Kathmandu, Nepal, that serves approximately 80 differently-abled children daily. The center provides activities to enhance motor skills, therapies, academic learning, vocational training, sports, and cultural celebration experiences. Despite various hardships, the staff remains dedicated to supporting these children each day.

Get inspired, volunteer, and change lives!

If you’re inspired by our mission and would like to contribute to making a difference, join us! Reach out to the Lay Mission Volunteer Program at Nazareth to learn more about upcoming opportunities and how you can join our global community of volunteers. Together, we can change the world one mission at a time.


  1. Jane

    I am so proud of my niece Jean Hall on this educational venture and know that she will be a real asset to the team.

    Jane Houck

  2. Ann Palatty

    Certainly, together we can make a difference in our world. Best wishes and prayers to the volunteers. Nepal is indeed a mesmerizing country. I hope they can see the breathtaking mountain peaks.


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