Foundation Day in Nepal

Posted by Kacie Emmerson

April 17, 2023

The Sisters of Charity of Nazareth celebrate Foundation Day in Nepal on April 18, marking over four decades of ministry in education, health services, social work, and disaster response.

It all began on April 18, 1979, when the first Sisters arrived in Kathmandu to begin their ministry. Since then, they have established a remarkable legacy in the country. When natural disaster struck in the form of a devastating earthquake in 2015, the Sisters were there to provide aid to those in need. When communities have faced poverty and injustice, the Sisters have been at the forefront of efforts to uplift and empower them. And through their efforts in education, countless Nepalese children have been given the opportunity to receive an education and pursue their dreams.

On April 18, we celebrate the Sisters’ presence and influence in Nepal.


  1. Maria Brocato

    Blessings to all who minister in Nepal on your Foundation Day!

  2. Rita Davis, SCN

    Blessings upon all who are doing this wonderful ministry in Nepal! You are very much in my prayers for your safety and for that of the people you serve there.

  3. Christine Beckett

    Happy Anniversary, Sisters and Associates. Special thanks for your commitment to the mission and ministries that serve so many in Nepal!

  4. Blanche Correia

    Congratulations to all SCNs and associates in Nepal.

    Continue to be dedicated and committed missionaries . Praise the Lord !

  5. Suchita kullu

    Dear Sisters and Associates,
    We are grateful to God and the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth for countless blessings received throughout the past. We continue to manifest the SCN charism with zeal and enthusiasm. Thank YOU for your prayers and love.

  6. Luke

    Happy Foundation Day! A great reason to celebrate. Thank you for serving in your wonderful ministries.

  7. Maggie Cooper

    Happy Foundation Day celebration to you! You have something beautiful to celebrate as you remember all the wonderful ministry of those years and now!
    We thank God with you!

  8. Ann Palatty

    Happy Anniversary, Sisters. May you continue to manifest the SCN charism in Nepal through your multiple ministries.

    • Ancilla

      Happy anniversary of the foundation day. Specially praying for all involved in Nepal mission


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