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Posted by Ava Culver

August 29, 2023

Aug. 15, 2023, was a historic day for the students and staff of Marian English Medium School in Anakkampoil. Unlike other years, all the staff and students took part in the flag-hoisting ceremony. As a local community, they attended the evening Mass so they could be in the school while the buses arrived with the students. Sister Swarna herself trained the students during the days of the practice. During the ceremony, instead of one chief guest, they had eight ex-army servicemen who were honored on this day.

Farmer’s Day was celebrated in the school on Aug. 17 by taking students to the different farms in Anakkampoil rather than a usual entertainment program. There was also an exhibition of equipment. Students were extremely excited about their trip. They even created a small school garden and planted different saplings and seeds. The students spoke highly about their experiences during their school assembly. The teachers also encouraged the students to write compositions on their trip.

On Aug. 24 there was a class-wide competition using wealth out of waste leading up to the Onam celebration. The students chose themes such as secular India, gender equality, and the empowerment of women etc. They thank Sister Swarnalata, their principal, for her new initiatives and creative leadership.

Onam was celebrated in the school on Aug. 25. Farmers from different blocks were invited and honored for their outstanding efforts in the field of agriculture. The appearance of Mahabali enchanted the entire Marian Family. Games were conducted for the students to enjoy, an amazing meal was served, and all the staff were active participants. Not only this, but the school was also closed on the same day for Onam holidays.


  1. Martha L. Walsh SCN

    I love the Onam medallion art work, so colorful. Are they made of rice?

    • Swarna

      No sr, it’s, coconut roughage

  2. Ann Palatty

    It is extremely encouraging to see the various extra curricular activities being organized in the school. They not only improve their personalities, but help them to become more socially conscious and patriotic and responsible citizens. Congratulations to the Management, staff and students for their praiseworthy efforts.

  3. Mary Margaret Nirmala

    Congratulations Swarnalatha and team. It is heartening to see the fusion of academics and education on reality of society today.


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