Five second-year Novices, Alisha Gidh, Anjelina Thithio, Jyoti Minj, Mamta Tete, and Preeti Tigga, pronounced their first vows and three Sisters of Charity of Nazareth, Anshumala Nira Toppo, Pachola Oliva Kujur and Seema Joy Kujur, pronounced their perpetual vows in the presences of Most Rev. Archbishop Sebastian Kallupura, Sisters of Charity of Nazareth, their parents and relatives on May 14, 2022. 

Sisters were led to the altar with entrance dance, accompanied by their parents and Vice President of the Congregation Sister Jackuline Jesu, Provincial Sister Philomina Kottoor, Vice Provincial Sister Amelia Moras, Tertian Mistress Sister Basanti, Novice Mistress Sister Suchita Kullu and other formators. 

Sister Jackulin received their vows and welcomed them to the Congregation by giving a Sister of Charity of Nazareth medal to the newly professed and a ring to the perpetually professed. In his sermon, Archbishop Sebastian emphasized holiness, commitment and service with radiating smile and love. He quoted Pope Francis’ “Six Beatitudes for modern Christians” and called the newly and perpetually professed Sisters:

To remain faithful in times of difficulties and to forgive those who cause suffering to them

To sympathize with the poor

To find God in everything and help others to find God

To care for our common home

To sacrifice in order to help others

To pray and work for the communion among Christians

Truly, it was a clarion call for the Sisters to be messengers of God’s mercy and tenderness in our broken world. After Mass, the vow group was honored and congratulated by Sisters and their family members. Thereafter, they were taken to the dining room with dancing and singing.