Family of Sister Dolores Visit

Posted by Spalding Hurst

September 13, 2023

Charlotte Ann Hall, accompanied by her five daughters, graced the grounds of Nazareth today in a heartfelt visit. The journey was especially special as they marveled at the newly landscaped grounds in front of the Motherhouse in memorial to the legacy of their aunt and sister, Dolores Greenwell, SCN. The visit included a tour of the restored church and the gravestone of their beloved aunt and sister.


  1. Linda Lander

    This is a perfect memorial to Sr. Dolores Greenwell who loved nature, Nazareth, and her beloved family. She would be so pleased to see her sister Ann and nieces in front of her memorial at the Holy Family statue and circle.

    Ann told me about the new landscaping. Sr. Dolores was a dear friend and I look forward to seeing the memorial in person. I appreciated these wonderful images of the memorial, and it was touching to see Ann and her daughters who generously created the memorial to their sister and aunt.

    Sr. Dolores knew every flower, plant, tree, and shrub in the area, and she noted them all on our many ventures. She nurtured the plants at Nazareth and found great pleasure in her garden. My favorite photo of Sr. Dolores is when she surprised me with a handful of daffodils that she had just picked on the Nazareth grounds. She roamed all over to pick flowers to display at the Motherhouse. When she arrived with the daffodils she said “I like making the world more beautiful for others.” Her love of nature and people was always on display.

    Thank you to Ann and her family for creating this fitting memorial to honor Sr. Dolores Greenwell.

  2. Mary Gene Frank

    How fitting a tribute! Sister Dolores certainly loved her flowers and plants.
    Thank you for making it happen.

  3. Maria Brocato

    What a beautiful tribute to our dear Sister Dolores Greenwell!


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