Family Fun at Nazareth

Posted by Kacie Emmerson

October 28, 2022

A beautiful fall evening brought joy and laughter to campus on Thursday, Oct. 27, as hundreds of children and their families trick-or-treated at Nazareth.

The event, hosted by the Volunteer Program and the Office of Mission Advancement, was a big success, exceeding 400 trick-or-treaters (not including the guardians who accompanied them). Costumed children of all ages traveled the paths around campus and received candy and treats from Sisters, employees, residents of Nazareth Villages, and volunteers.

There was no shortage of creativity when it came to stations. The Volunteer Program created a Three Little Pigs scene with employees Ellen Sprigg and Amy Ulrich, and Maggie Cooper, SCN, as the three pigs. Luke Boiarkis, SCN, did a great job portraying the Big Bad Wolf! Sister Services also pulled from a beloved children’s cartoon with a 101 Dalmations theme as they handed out candy in front of the Motherhouse. Cartoon characters, spooky ghouls, and movie and literary icons rounded out the route.

While the evening was fun for the young children who came out ready to embrace the spirit of the “spooky season,” Thursday’s event was also a great opportunity to build community relationships. Many families and especially children were first-time visitors to the campus and were in awe of their surroundings. They were able to interact with Sisters, including leadership, in a fun-filled and positive way. For the Sisters, the smiles on their faces were clear indicators they, too, were enjoying the tiny visitors and embracing the whimsical October fun.

Thank you to everyone who set up at the event. A special thanks to Volunteer Program Administrative Assistant Amy Ulrich for coordinating.

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  1. MONICA Boggs

    I was at the SCN Associate table with Beth Vetter, Associate Director – Donald Duck, Tammy Mattingly – Winnie The Pooh, Jo Paulin – Leprechaun, Betty Anne Hamilton – Vampire, and I was Tigger. It was so much fun, and we enjoyed it as much as the children. I hope this will become an annual event. Thanks to the organizers and all who participated.

  2. Eugenie Coakley scna

    What an absolute joy of an event! Spalding – you rock as Elliot!

  3. Elizabeth Field, SCNA

    A great idea to bring Bardstown folks to Nazareth, while giving great fun to Nazareth! Love these scary looking “characters” sitting around Nazareth grounds! Ha! Ha!

  4. Joel

    Creativity has no boundary!! This event brought out the hidden desire of the old and the young to interact and to blossom once again!!


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