Eucharistic Pilgrimage Comes Through Bardstown

Posted by Kacie Emmerson

July 9, 2024

On July 7, the National Eucharistic Pilgrimage traveled through Bardstown, including a visit to the Nazareth Motherhouse Campus. Beginning last month, the Pilgrimage is en route to Indianapolis, Indiana, for the 10th National Eucharistic Congress on July 16.

Focusing on renewing faith through Eucharistic devotion, the Pilgrimage includes processions, Masses, and adoration, engaging participants in prayer and reflection to deepen their spiritual lives and community connection.

Four routes of the Pilgrimage launched from different locations across the United States on May 17. The St. Juan Diego Route, which came through this area, began in Brownsville, Texas. The group arrived in Nelson County on Thursday and held processions and events in the New Haven and Springfield areas before continuing north. 

On Sunday, after visits to the Basilica of St. Joseph Proto-Cathedaral and St. Monica Catholic Church in Bardstown, the Pilgrimage made a stop at Nazareth Motherhouse Campus and processed the beautiful grounds. Sister Amrita Manjaly, vice president of the Congregation, walked alongside the pilgrims. While there, less mobile Sisters of Charity of Nazareth had the opportunity to participate in benediction in front of the Motherhouse.

Charlie McCullough, of Texas, one of the Perpetual Pilgrims taking part in the St. Juan Diego Route, said he was moved to see the older Sisters gathered at the Motherhouse as they approached. “Even though they can maybe only take a few steps to join us on Pilgrimage, they gave our Lord as much as they could,” he said. “I have the privilege of getting to walk the whole way. Every community we visit, every person we visit joins for as much as they can and gives the Lord everything they can. It’s beautiful to see the whole way.” 

While many joined the Pilgrimage for short distances, a few young adults, including McCullough, are committed to the entire journey. These Perpetual Pilgrims aim to encounter Christ more profoundly and share the Lord’s presence with others.

Issy Martin-Dye, a 21-year-old college student from Ohio, described the experience a “Roadtrip with Jesus,” and was excited to travel and invite people into a relationship with Jesus. She emphasized the mutual ministry aspect of the journey.

“I thought we were going to be ministering so much, but we are the ones receiving, we are the ones being ministered to,” she said. 

A highlight for Martin-Dye has been encountering different cultures along the route. “We go to a lot of hispanic parishes, Vietnamese parishes,” she said. “It is cool to see the different cultures within the Church.” 

The 30 Perpetual Pilgrims participating in the 2024 Pilgrimage are mostly college-age adults. Martin-Dye reflected on the generational impact:

“I feel as though the generation above they are ‘culturally Catholic,’ but my generation, we have to choose. I feel as though my generation is either all the way in or all the way out.”

She added that, while the Pilgrimage is nine weeks long, it is forming their hearts for the rest of their lives. She hopes the zeal being demonstrated by her group will inspire others in the faith. “I think there is a lot of life in young people … I can’t wait to see the power our generation is going to have the rest of our lives if we are so on fire right now.” 


  1. Stella

    May the Lord fill us with His grace and may we grow strong in our faith
    to proclaim the Good News that the Kingdom of God is at hand.

    • Ann Kovalcik

      What a beautiful testimony. So glad that the Pilgrimage went to Nazareth.


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