Empowering Young Women

June 24, 2024

Highlights from Prathiksha’s Summer Tailoring Course

From Bangalore Province Communications

As part of the Prathiksha Tailoring Unit, Kakkavayal, Kerala, recently organized a short summer course tailored specifically for girls, particularly those who are transitioning to their higher secondary education (junior college) and college studies. This initiative was designed to equip these young women with essential skills in stitching, handling sewing machines, and basic garment work. The response was heartening, with 19 girls enrolling in the course, including two candidates from our own Community.

The primary objective of this course was to provide a foundational understanding of tailoring, which is an invaluable skill for personal use and can also serve as a stepping stone toward a potential career in fashion and garment design. Over the duration of the course, the participants learned a variety of basic techniques. These included threading a needle, operating a sewing machine, making simple garments, and performing minor repairs and alterations. The hands-on experience was instrumental in boosting their confidence and competence in using tailoring tools and equipment.

Each day of the course was meticulously planned to ensure that the girls received comprehensive instruction while also having ample time for practical application. Mornings typically began with a brief theory session, where they were taught about different types of fabrics, the importance of measurements, and the basics of pattern making. Following this, the girls engaged in practical sessions where they applied what they had learned under the guidance of experienced instructors. These sessions were not only educational but also fostered a sense of camaraderie among the participants as they helped each other and shared their progress.

The culmination of the course on June 3 was a moment of pride and joy for all involved. The sense of accomplishment was palpable, and it was clear that the course had not only taught them a valuable skill but also instilled a sense of confidence and self-reliance.

Following the completion of the summer course, we now have a regular group that continues to meet and practice their tailoring skills. This group showcases the success of the initiative and our commitment to empowering young women through skill development. The regular sessions provide ongoing support and further training, ensuring that the girls continue to hone their skills and potentially explore opportunities in the tailoring and fashion industry.


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