Empowering Students with Cyber Awareness and Self-Realization

Posted by Spalding Hurst

December 25, 2023

Nazareth Academy’s Three-Day Seminar: Empowering Students with Cyber Awareness and Self-Realization

Nazareth Academy organized a three-day seminar to foster self-awareness and promote cyber security among our senior students. The event featured motivational sessions, with a particular focus on responsible social media use, led by two distinguished resource persons: Mrs. Anamika Pandey, Assistant Professor at Patna University, and Ms. Kaushiki Kashyap, a promising lawyer from National Law University, Cuttack.

Students and teachers alike were deeply inspired by the insights shared during these sessions. Mrs. Anamika Pandey guided us towards a profound connection with our inner selves. She helped us experience inner peace through meditation and recognize the countless blessings that often go unnoticed in our daily routines. She emphasized differentiating self-esteem and arrogance, urging us to let go of grudges and cultivate gratitude for our blessings. As she put it, “Make my blessings flourish” should be our mantra for the future. She also encouraged us to scrutinize our intentions, thoughts, and actions, cleansing them of negative emotions like desire, anger, arrogance, greed, and attachment.

Kaushiki Kashyap enlightened us about the digital world’s complexities. She emphasized that breaking the rules is easy when we don’t understand them. Adolescents navigating the digital landscape can easily make wrong choices, driven by influence, a quest for popularity, or the desire for fame. Kaushiki also sheds light on the legal hazards of social media use. With at least 15 penal laws, even unintentional actions can lead to severe consequences, including jail time. She reminded us that words shared online have the power to heal or harm, emphasizing the need for responsible online behavior.

The consequences of cybercrime were made clear, along with resources like ‘Take it down’ and ‘Stop NCII’ to empower innocent victims against cyber threats. Anamika and Kaushiki educated us about the rules and instilled a sense of cyber ethics and the importance of responsible online conduct.

In summary, we learned that the world needs personalities filled with benevolence, compassion, and love rather than just trendy, genius, or savage personas. The internet can indeed be a blessing if used wisely. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Anamika Mam and Kaushiki Mam for their enlightening guidance.

With gratitude, Abhilasha and Surbhi

Testimonials from Teachers and Parents:

“Thank you for organizing such an insightful session for our students. The discussions on cybercrime and self-control in the digital realm were invaluable. As a teacher and parent, I appreciate the knowledge you shared about the potential risks of online activities and the importance of self-control. This information is crucial for our children’s safety and well-being. I am grateful for updating us on the laws and regulations of internet usage.”

  • Smita Seth, Class 1X Teacher and Parent

“Our honorable resource persons, Mrs. Anamika Pandey and Kaushiki Kashyap provided students from classes VIII to XI with valuable insights on self-transformation and meditation techniques. The seminar emphasized self-awareness, self-esteem, and gratefulness. It also highlighted the importance of discipline in achieving success and realizing dreams. As our reliance on the internet grows, it becomes essential for students to understand the risks associated with cybercrime and cyber laws. The seminar equipped teachers and students with the knowledge to identify and mitigate cyber threats, ultimately contributing to a safer online environment for all.”

  • Mrs. Nandini Sinha, Vice Principal and Teacher, Nazareth Academy


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