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February 7, 2024

Sister Premila Parackatt, representing the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth, actively participated in the FAMVIN Homeless Alliance International conference on Slum Dwellers, which took place from January 29 to 31, 2024, at Adamson University in Manila, Philippines. Here is her reflection of the three-day experience:

Engaging with a diverse group of 75 individuals conversing in English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese, we shared insights into the challenges faced by slum dwellers.

Various groups shared the Housing Projects undertaken by the Congregations and I took pride in sharing our commitment to reach out to the homeless across the globe in the Spirit of St. Vincent De Paul. I feel blessed to have been present at the conference. The conference included informative workshops.

On the third day, field visits were organized, with us exploring the Kawayan Bamboo Housing Project in Bagong Silayan, Quezon City. This initiative, led by the Congregation of Mission and SSVP Volunteers, aimed to provide permanent houses constructed with bamboo and cement for slum dwellers.

The exhaustive day concluded with a meaningful interaction, where participants passionately declared that the impoverished are our mentors, possessing invaluable insights to share with us. It is within the realm of the destitute that the Sanctuary and God shall converge, forming a profound connection. The conference wrapped up with a thanksgiving liturgy on day III.

I express my gratitude to the Congregation for granting me the opportunity to deepen my understanding of collaboration and the importance of collective efforts in addressing homelessness. The three-day event left me feeling blessed and enriched by the valuable experiences shared and discussed among the diverse group of participants.

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  1. Ann Palatty

    It is. indeed a privilege to have represented not only the SCNs but the whole Vincentian Family in India. Congratulations. I am sure the experience will enhance to work better with the homeless.


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