Empowered by the Power of Justice to Make a Difference

November 17, 2023

The Inter Province Socio-pastoral Ministry Meeting was held on Nov. 11-13, 2023, at Nazareth Convent, Chandapura, Bangalore. Thirty-eight SCNs from Bangalore and Patna Provinces participated in the event.

Dr. Jerry Rosario SJ, known as “Barefoot Jerry,” was the resource person for the two-day workshop on Social Analysis. He presented an entirely novel viewpoint for all ministries by classifying them into five categories: Simple, Settled, Sophisticated, Scandalous, and Special. He emphasized the relevance of being SPECIAL to intensify the ministry of justice, the Reign of God.

He further educated the group regarding the ten elements that constitute justice, which are lacking dimensions in our ministries, and real strategies to execute the justice ministry. These enabled participants to critically analyze one’s ministry.

He helped participants to comprehend the notion of “Breaking our bodies and shedding blood” with a presentation on the 12 various forms of “Organ Donation.” 

The discussions and concepts were firmly anchored on the Gospels, the prophetic Word of the Lord. He shared testimonies of his fearless and courageous life working with underprivileged people in Tamil Nadu and beyond. He walks barefoot to identify himself with those Dalits who are not permitted to wear sandals in some villages.

The participants’ hearts were ignited as they felt enlightened and motivated. So, on the third day, we spoke of chalk techniques for integrating theory into reality. It started with the participants taking a walk-in pair, young and elderly, for profound sharing of their workshop ideas. Later, the group discussed ways to channel the workshop fire to the personal, community, ministry, and province levels in to MAKE A DIFFERENCE (MAD).

The SCNs then looked at the challenges that every ministry encounters in implementing the call to be in solidarity with the marginalized in various parts of the country.

The gathering culminated with a ritual in which every participant standing in a circle was presented with a lit candle, symbolizing ‘passing on’ the kindled fire and vitality to the next generation.



  1. Mary Gene Frank

    I am sorry to have missed this workshop. It sounded very interesting. I suppose it was not recorded?

  2. Maggie Cooper

    Wow! It was wonderful to read about your workshop. It sounds marvelous and relevant! So glad you had that great opportunity!


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