Embodying Love Plaza at Festival of Faiths

Posted by Kacie Emmerson

December 6, 2023

Nazareth Retreat Center participated in the 2023 Festival of Faiths Sacred Hearts, Sacred Minds: Embodying Love Plaza at the Kentucky Center for the Arts on Nov. 16-17. SCNs Sharon Gray and Chris Kunze set up the Cosmic Walk at the event, which they had crafted for the General Assembly in June of this year.

The Festival of Faiths is an interfaith event of music, poetry, film, art and dialogue featuring internationally renowned spiritual leaders, thinkers and practitioners, where contemporary concerns are explored through the lens of diverse faiths. This was the first year they hosted an interactive “Embodying Love Plaza.”

The Cosmic Walk was met with enthusiasm as presenters, youth from local high schools, families and many registrants allowed the visual spiral representing the entire 13.8 billion years of the cosmic and evolutionary journey of the Universe to help them glimpse the deep and mysterious beauty of our sacred Cosmic Story. Video of the set up can be viewed below:


  1. Betty Blandford scn

    Such a beautiful way to experience the journey! 🙏🏼

  2. Theresa Knabel

    What a beautiful way to experience the Cosmic Walk. Thanks for sharing it with everyone

  3. Camille Panich

    Sharon, Chris, Lisa and all – Congratulations on your wonderful contribution to the Festival of Faiths. What a great idea to share the Cosmic Walk! Lisa, your explanation on the youtube video was awesome – you did a fine presentation, full of enthusiasm and understanding.

  4. Lisa Downs

    Thanks Tess and Debra! It was a joy to host this at such a meaningful event!

  5. Debra Kehl, dir Candy for Caring, founded by SCNs

    Beautiful 🌈 🌝 Knowing what we know today . . . 13.8 billion years of the cosmic and evolutionary journey, I visualize us 8 billion humans living this . . . deep and mysterious beauty of our sacred Cosmic Story, to each lay upon earth 🌍 stretch out and feel the waters flowing thru our veins, feel the rolling hills our bones, feel the breeze upon our face breathing us and the fire 🔥 within, the Holy Spirit, burst open Now into This New World 🌏 we All Dream of 😴. Thank You each for bringing Our Story, so desperately needed, to others. Namaste, Debra Kehl 💕🙏

  6. Tess Browne

    Gracias and congratulations Sharon, Chris, Lisa and all at Naz Retreat Center. How marvellous that you shared Cosmic Walk with those gathered for the Festival of Faiths. A beautiful & timely contribution, coinciding with faiths’ sharing and COP28.


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