Ellen Miriam Grimes, SCN

Posted by Spalding Hurst

July 11, 2016

Ellen-Miriam-Grimes-872f19e5116b036c8ea2e3ae51fa53d9Ellen Miriam Grimes, SCN, 93, a native of Louisville, Ky., died at Nazareth Home, Louisville, on Sunday, July 10, 2016. She had been a Sister of Charity of Nazareth for 68 years.

Sister served in elementary education as both teacher and principal in Kentucky, Virginia, Tennessee and Louisiana for 54 years. In Louisville, Sister served at Holy Angels Academy from 1991-94 and at St. Rita School from 1994-2004. In retirement Sister served in family ministry and in the Apostolate of Prayer.

Sister was preceded in death by her sister, Sister Mary Anselma Grimes. Survivors include a niece, Janice Wise of Louisville and Sister’s religious community.

The Funeral Mass will be celebrated on Thursday, July 14, 2016 in St. Vincent Church, Nazareth, Ky., followed by burial in Nazareth Cemetery.

Visitation will be from 1:30-2:30 p.m. at Nazareth Home on Wednesday, July 13, 2016 and after 4:00 p.m. in St. Vincent Church, Nazareth, Ky. There will be a Prayer Service in St. Vincent Church at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday evening.

Funeral Arrangements are being handled by Ratterman Funeral Home, 3800 Bardstown Road, Louisville, Ky. Memorials may be made to Office of Congregational Advancement, P.O. Box 9, Nazareth, Ky. 40048.


  1. Christa taylor

    Sister Ellen made a big impact on my life as an educator and religious mentor. Her sense of humor yet firm way was one I’ll forever be thankful for.

    Christa Kustes Taylor

  2. Jarrett Jordan

    I attended St. Rita from 81′-85′! Sr. Ellen will always be in my heart! One of the best people I’ve ever known!

  3. Cindy Sayes

    I absolutely loved Sister Ellen Mirriam! She was so thoughtful, but stern! Definitely a class act! She had a great report with all of us. She was one of the reasons I became a teacher.

  4. Mathew Kelly LeJeune

    I can remember many a day sitting outside your office waiting on my mother and a few days in your office, just you and I. You made a lasting impression on me and helped shape the code I live by, Be firm but fair.
    God Speed Sister. I know you are sitting among the angels

  5. Pamela Wilson

    I attended St.Rita School (Alexandria, Louisiana) from grades one through eight, August 1970-May 1978. Sister Ellen Miriam served as principal at St. Rita School during that time period.
    It saddened me to hear the news of Sister Ellen Miriam. I have fond memories of her and my time at St.Rita School.

  6. Denise Gremillion Riemer

    She was an amazing model of faith in action. My fellow St. Rita classmates and I learned so much from her, including her insistence that peppermint candy could cure almost every illness! She is surely singing with the Angels.

  7. Bridgette Volpi

    Rest in peace Sister. You touched our lives forever. We are grateful

  8. Ellen Doiron

    Thank you Sister, for helping all of us become the adults we are today.
    You will be forever loved and missed. Rest In Peace.

  9. Debbie Simmons

    I too loved Sister Ellen Mariam. When I think of St. Rita school she is the first person I think of. How she touched my life and I’m sure many other lives. She was very well liked and loved by many students. RIP Sister.

  10. Kirk LeJeune

    I loved Sister Ellen Miriam. She had a true heart for kids and loved me even when I was unloveable. She is one of my best memories of elementary and middle school at St Rita School.

  11. Brenda Morgan

    I’m so sorry to hear of Sister Ellen Mariam’s passing. I went to St. Rita’s In Alexandria and Graduated from the 8th grade in 1974, She was quite a personality, she had little tolerance for any shenanigans. I have many memories of her at school and hope her family knows how much she touched the lives of those under her care.

  12. Pam Saucier Burlew

    She was and always will be One of the largest influences in my life. So sad to hear this. You will be missed and forever loved Sister. RIP.

  13. Ashley Bellino Brown

    Sister Ellen Miriam was a class act. She was so personable. I always wanted to be like her when I grew up. I truly loved her.

    • Bud andries

      Why does it state she was at st rita from 1994 to 2004..and not early seventies..I don’t recall her being there during that time frame…my most admired and respected teacher and disciplinary! Loved her dearly..Bud Andries

  14. Margaret Rodenbeck

    She was a wonderful and warm person, a great leader. I taught at St. Rita during her time. She was always happy.

  15. Greg Dunn

    God bless her. May she receive her Heavenly reward. Teaching and mentoring all us children for so many years. Rest in Peace Sister

  16. Gina Lachney

    I’ve often wondered what happened to Sister Ellen Miriam. I too have very fond memories of her at St. Rita in Alexandria, LA when she was our principal in the 70’s. Rest in peace Sister.

  17. Bridget Bellino

    Sister Ellen Marian was such an inspiration to me for many years. She was our principal at St. Rita Elementary School in Alexandria, LA in the 70’s. She was one of the first people I wanted to share my newborn child with, and I can remember bringing my son to visit her at the convent. I loved her.


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