Education Meeting in Chandapura

Posted by Kacie Emmerson

May 10, 2023

The SCN Educators of the Bangalore Province gathered for the education ministry meeting in Nazareth Convent, Chandapura, on May 4-5, 2023. It was a time of learning for the Sisters in the education ministry.

The meeting had a twofold theme: challenges and opportunities faced by the religious institutions in the Education Ministry, and New Education Policy (NEP) its merits and demerits. The resource person was Father Alphonse Lazar, SDB. In his input session, Father Alphonse said that Jesus is our role model in our ministry of education and it is time to rekindle our missionary zeal and enter into the heart of the students, teachers, and parents. He reminded us that, “Being faithful to the smallest things will lead us to greater things.” The motivational video clips called us to identify the true nature of the students who are entrusted to our care.

The information on New Education Policy (NEP) 2020 was indeed challenging and disturbing. However, it calls us to prepare ourselves personally and make the necessary changes in our educational system. Sister Mary Margaret Nirmala, Provincial of Bangalore Province, in her keynote address, called us forth to reflect on, “Life is like day and night; in and out where there are contradictions and addictions.” As Educators, we are called to be like that of the Good Shepherd who holds the lamb in His hands, cares for and accompanies the lamb until it becomes part of the group. She challenged us to be that Good Shepherd who does not leave the child until she/he is transformed and becomes one with the others. She further shared that the goal of every educator is to make a willful effort to promote values and to lead a heart-to-heart dialogue. She invited all the sisters to make a concrete plan as to how they can contribute to the society and neighborhood.

Hilda Lobo, Educational Coordinator of the Bangalore Province shared the Laudato Si goals/SCN Action plan sent by Carolyn Cromer, Office of Ecological Sustainability. After the sharing, they made action plans. 

These are the following action plans shared by the Sisters:

  • Plant more trees wherever there is land
  • Encourage children to drink more water.
  • Consciously abstain from non-veg at least twice a week to contribute to the sustainability of the earth.
  • Have a kitchen/terrace garden. Display of the signboards to save water and electricity.


Information shared by Sincy Sebastian, SCN



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