Eastern Kentucky Flood

Posted by Spalding Hurst

July 30, 2022

Heavy rains that drenched Appalachia earlier this week brought what Gov. Andy Beshear called one of the most devastating flooding events in Kentucky’s history. At least 37 people have died in eastern Kentucky’s devastating floods.

All Sisters of Charity of Nazareth are safe. Nazareth, Kentucky, where the Motherhouse and most Kentucky-based Sisters reside, is centrally located in the state. Nazareth is a long distance from the flooding.

Sister Sangeeta Ayithamattum, president of the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth, stated the following, “We pray for those who have been devastated by the floods. We remember the 25 people who have lost their lives so suddenly and those still missing or are unaccounted for. We hold in our hearts those who have lost their homes, their livelihoods, their security, and their hope. Let us pray for the work of relief agencies and those providing emergency assistance.”

As scheduled before the flooding, an SCN volunteer team is going to Beattyville, Kentucky, on Sunday, July 31, to work on home repairs. This is in a location about two hours drive from the disaster area. At a later date, SCN volunteers will respond to the disaster area to provide relief with home repairs.

At this time, all are urged to continue to pray for the victims of this flood and for the trained emergency response personnel. Governor Beshear has established the Team Eastern Kentucky Flood Relief Fund to assist those impacted by the floods and the severe weather system.

You may donate to flood relief efforts through the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth’s disaster relief fund below.

SCN Disaster Relief


  1. Bibiana Kindo

    Sad to see the people affected by flood. We are praying for you dear Sisters and for all the people.

  2. sarita

    Praying for the families affected by flood. We know the suffering caused by flood in our country. May God project them and keep them safe.

  3. Basanti Lakra

    So sorry to hear about the flood in Kentucky. Pray for God’s protection for those who are in the flood and those who who are there to help them out. May the souls of the 25 who have died rest in peace!
    Sending my prayers to the people affected by flood.

  4. Saroj

    we are praying for you and for everyone. May our Great God protect you and all the people.

  5. Name *Joel

    Unexpected need! May the people brave the danger. We are with you all.

  6. Ann Palatty

    May God protect everyone. Thank God for the safety of our sisters.


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