Creating a Toolbox for Prayer

Posted by Kacie Emmerson

June 25, 2022

By Carlette Gentle, SCN

Part of the Toolbox for Prayer series

Rhythm is known as the repeated patterns of movement or sound while contemplation is known as deep reflective thoughts that form who we are as a person. We each have a rhythm of life and how we contemplate. The rhythm of who we are flows out of us every day. As I stop to contemplate, I have come to realize that my way of contemplation is a rhythm of loving. It is a rhythm of going out and coming in. It is a rhythm of caring that sometimes feels like movements of melodious music.

So, as I stop to contemplate the rhythm of my life, I realize that I am tender. I am an antenna; my ears and heart are on high alert to pick up signals of injustices. I attend to the needs of my neighbors, the poor, the elderly, people seeking assistance and I attend with love and compassion. I work mainly with the elderly poor living on Southside Belize City. I am attentive to their needs trying to help in whatever way possible. And as I go out and attend to my clients, I also know that I have to come in and attend to me as well. As I pause to contemplate these people, these interactions, the faces come back to me as well. It’s that back-and-forth rhythm, I go out and work with them and then come in and reflect on myself and them and hold them in loving prayer as I know they do for me. The back-and-forth rhythm of loving and being loved.

This contemplative time of slowing down and pausing is needed by my body, mind, and soul. Therefore, when my body calls out, I must create that time and space for it to happen. I know sometimes we might not believe that we need this time, but the body has a way of calling out for its needs. Thus, some days I lay in my hammock contemplating looking to the peaceful sky for assurance that I am not in this ministry alone, that I don’t have to carry the burdens of those I work with alone. And as God knows my thoughts, I believe God sends the beautiful Caribbean wind to engulf my body. I close my eyes and feel the embrace of God in the wind. This is my assurance “I am not in this alone.” After a while, I let go and let God take me where God wills. The beauty of contemplation, I believe, is letting oneself go as God guides our thoughts.

I enjoy cooking and being in the kitchen. As a result, one way I look at contemplation is allowing myself to sit in a combination of seasonings being marinated, with the seasonings of God, and of my experiences.

Taking time for the marinade to happen will assure me that the seasonings are embedded within me. And after that marinade, I then allow the time for a slow simmer in my pot of God’s loving arms. The slow simmer over low heat allows the slow process of thoughts, and the presence and love of God to mingle and create the tender that I am.

Sister Carlette Gentle is a Belizean SCN living in Belize. She has a master’s in clinical social work and a certificate in gerontology. She works with the elderly poor in the Southside of Belize City and is also the Associate vocation director for Belize. In addition, she helps to cook for the homeless. She enjoys cooking, singing, and meeting new people.


  1. Liz Wendeln

    Thank you Rita for continuing to open us to the awareness of the mystery of God .

  2. Christine Beckett

    Rita, thank you for sharing your experience of prayer, especially the practice of Vipassana. It touched me deeply. Many blessings of peace and stillness.

  3. Name *Joel

    Rita, thank you for bringing to our awareness the ‘ almost forgotten’ Vipassana, one many of us used to practice!!

  4. Maggie Cooper

    Rita, this Is a wonderful article and a interesting one. What an experience of discipline!! Thanks so much for sharing!


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