As a part of the Caritas Project for migrants in Kozhikode, Sister Gracy Thombrakudy conducted an awareness class on COVID-19 in the area of Poolakadav. She encouraged migrant workers to get themselves tested for COVID-19 which had been arranged by the government of Kerala free of cost. During the group discussion, she raised awareness on COVID-19 vaccinations since many were not convinced.

Following the awareness class, the migrants wanted to have the COVID-19 test done. The Migrant Outreach Services (MOS) team volunteer, Ms Alphonsa, ward councillor, contacted the Corporation Mayor and she sent the health personnel needed with all the equipment needed for the tests. A total of 480 migrants were tested for COVID-19, 14 of whom were found to be positive. Through the timely intervention of MOS, the infected persons were kept in isolation and one of them was admitted to a hospital.

Through a Caritas Project for migrants in Kozhikode, Sister Gracy and Ms Alphonsa distributed food kits to 15 groups of migrants in and around Kozhikode.