Compassionate Care for the Aging

Posted by Kacie Emmerson

July 2, 2024

The Sisters of Charity of Nazareth have long dedicated themselves to the service of the elderly, blending compassion with practical support to address their physical and emotional needs. Such efforts ensure that elders live with dignity and a sense of belonging.

In the U.S., Nazareth Home in Louisville, Kentucky offers skilled nursing care, rehabilitation services, and personal care, all within a nurturing environment enriched with spiritual support. In Bardstown, Nazareth Villages provides affordable housing for elderly residents and those with disabilities, offering them a safe and supportive community.

Across various states, the Sisters engage in community outreach, visiting elderly homebound residents, delivering meals, and ensuring access to food and other basic necessities. This outreach is a lifeline for many who might otherwise be forgotten.

In Belize, Sister Carlette Gentle leads the LIFE ministry, which improves the lives of the elderly through social support and outreach. This initiative not only meets immediate needs but also creates sense of community. Recently, LIFE initiated the Adopt-a-Senior program, encouraging donors to sponsor elderly residents on a monthly basis. Last year, university students from the U.S. studying physical and occupational therapy partnered with LIFE to visit residents on the Southside, offering both care and companionship.

In Bangalore, the Sisters collaborated with Nazareth School to bring joy and companionship to the elderly during festive seasons. During Christmas, students visited SH Bhavan, a retirement home in Attebele, to celebrate with the residents. They sang carols, shared meals, and listen to the seniors’ stories, providing much-needed interaction. This initiative helped students develop empathy and a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by the elderly.

In Kerala, the Sisters’ Kallanode mission, led by Sister Sheela Palamoottil, has organized camps for senior citizens. These camps offer health check-ups, educational sessions on legal rights and health management, and address issues like loneliness and daily struggles. The goal is to empower the elderly to live with dignity and joy.

In other areas of India, Nepal, and Africa, the Sisters make regular visits to the homes of elderly villagers, tending to those who are alone or infirm. Through companionship, prayer, and check-ups, they ensure regular care and social interaction and can identify needs. Workshops and seminars throughout the year provide education on the rights of the elderly and information on health issues such as Alzheimer’s. Additionally, collaboration with Sisters, volunteers and community resources can identify other needs such as home repairs.

These initiatives are just a few examples of how the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth provide compassionate care to aging members of society across the globe. Their commitment to service, rooted in faith and compassion, offers a model of holistic care to nurture both the body and the soul.


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