Companions of Charity

Posted by Dana Hinton

September 5, 2023

A new form of relationship within the SCN Community called Companions of Charity has begun. This is for those who wish to share the SCN charism in a deeper way.

The first member of Companions of Charity, Melissa Calvi, arrived in Kentucky on Sept. 2. She is spending one week at Nazareth and then going to Belize City, Belize, where she will be living out her commitment as a Companion of Charity – sharing community life, prayer, and service for one year with our Sisters there.

Today she met with some of the SCNs who have been in ministry in Belize. Sisters Barbara Flores, Barbara Joseph Lammers, Brenda Gonzales, Rosemarie Kirwan, Pascal Fernicola, and Maggie Cooper shared their Belize experiences and memories. 



  1. Ann-Marie Houghton, scna


    I am so happy for you as you begin your year in Belize as the first “Companion of Charity.”
    I notice you radiate joy in all the photos; joy is such a contagious emotion and one this world desperately needs.
    I look forward to hearing about your experience of community, prayer, and service while in Belize.

    Holding you in prayer and sending you abundant blessings,

    Ann-Marie Houghton, scan

  2. Luke

    I am so thrilled Melissa is here with us and we are beginning a new chapter in our history!

    Welcome Melissa!


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