Chimes Echo the Melodies of Diamond Jubilee

November 13, 2023

The diamond jubilee bells echoed in the Chandapura community on November 10, 2023, with the aura of celebration, happiness, and laughter permeating the air. Grateful for the selfless services rendered by our Jubilarians Sarita Manavalan, Sophie Kalapurakal, and Rita Puthenkulam over sixty years in the SCN Congregation, the sisters of Bangalore province joined in the festivities and excitement.

This was a moment to remember and rejoice, rejuvenate and renew the commitment of the three Sisters whose lives stood as models for many SCNs. Highlighting the unique contributions of the three Jubilarians, Sister Mary Margaret Nirmala welcomed everyone to the celebrations. The Jubilarians were greeted with great appreciation and admiration. Following the celebration of the Mass, the sisters from both Bangalore and Patna Provinces decked the Jubilarians with diamond crowns and shawls.

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The presence of a large number of SCNs at the celebration was a visual treat. Bangalore province was delighted to have the presence of the sisters from Patna province. A brief cultural program staged by the sisters and formees added flavor to the jubilee. Under the direction of Sister Ann Palatty, the Chandapura sisters presented a choral narration, illustrating the lives of the Jubilarians. The dances by formees and Sisters from the Madiwala community brought vitality to the occasion. The highlight of the evening was a unique performance by the sisters of Patna province. Sister Sarita Manavalan expressed gratitude to all the sisters who contributed to making the celebration meaningful and indelible in her life.

Here is an excerpt from the introduction to the celebration:

She would resonate with the words of Khalil Gibran, who says, “And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair.” She speaks to the trees, plays with the animals, wonders at the stars, and walks the earth with gentleness. Sarita is synonymous with nature. Even before Pope Francis wrote the Laudato Si, she adopted the spirituality of Saint Francis of Assisi, raising our consciousness to the care of the earth. Recall our escapes to the Poustinia for quiet moments or to enjoy mangoes? The fun days of fishing in the pond in Poustinia are unmatched by any entertainment we have with technology today. We thank you, Sarita, for this vision and implementation in Mokama. We celebrate your love for creation today, Sarita, and we rejoice in your inspirational musings you painstakingly published for us to cherish.

This teacher sought to find the deeper selves of her students but discovered herself in the process. She sought to open their minds to new channels and connections of heads to hearts. For Sophie, the essence of life was the love of others and relationships, and her students knew it all the time. She pursued to make them think past their dreams and accompanied them in life beyond the classrooms. Sophie was a lifelong learner and teacher, evolving from a builder of human minds to a builder of our homes and institutions. We rejoice and celebrate Sophie, your life of building lives and homes. With gratitude, we rejoice today.

She is poised, prim, and proper. God equipped her that way and not by chance. Rita is one who would readily accept that the realm of spirituality is mystical and mysterious, leading her to look at the world with an attitude of wonder and awe, with the understanding that the world is filled with spiritual life. She is a woman of grace, a woman of excellence, beholding the Grace of God. She passionately accompanies young members to find God and meaning in life. Her strong voice in advocating for the rightful place of women in the Church has been both inspirational and challenging. We celebrate the impact you have on us, Rita, we rejoice in your powerful presence, and we join you in gratitude this day


  1. Eugenie Coakley scna

    Congratulations, congratulations, congratulations! A beautiful celebration of your lives of service, indeed.

  2. Betty Blandford scn

    Congratulations Sisters! You have lived a beautiful, dedicated, and committed life! We are so grateful to God for his call to you so many years ago!

  3. Martha L. Walsh SCN

    Loved being part of your celebration. Love, Martha


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