Children’s day celebration in Surkhet

Posted by Addie Woods

September 17, 2021

Nepal Nazareth Society (Navjyoti Center, Surkhet) celebrated National Children’s day on Sept.14th. The main slogan of the event was “Whether COVID or No COVID children’s rights should be protected by all”. 60 children from 15 child clubs gathered in Navjyoti to celebrate their day with a cultural program. The event was organized by the child club network group. There were songs, dances, poem recitation, mono act, caricature and speeches by children and staff of Navjyoti. Through speeches and poems they expressed their grievance towards the government for the number of adversities on children and its failure to protect children, especially girls. On Sept. 5th, 35 children participated in the rally and “Where is your mask” campaign in coordination with the district police office. They spoke about the importance of the use of masks in protecting oneself and others against COVID 19. They distributed 1700 masks to those who were on the road without masks. In Barahtal Rural Municipality Navjyoti celebrated children’s day by organizing a drawing competition, speech contest, debate and quiz in eight schools.

Sister Rosita, SCN



  1. Elizabeth Field, SCNA

    Congratulations to all the Sisters who provided these children with such support, celebration, and relief from their normal everyday stress! Giving them a mission to contribute to the health of their country was a terrific teachable event! God bless all!

  2. Louise Smith

    wow! you inspired those children. They will remember. Blessings!!!!

  3. Rosemarie Kirwan

    Rosita, I am so impressed with the children’s distribution of 1700 masks to those who were on the roads. I sincerely hope that the vaccine is being made available to the people of Nepal and that they are seeing the protection that it affords.

  4. Sr. Deepti SCN

    Congratulations Rosita and sisters for your efforts to protect the rights of children.

  5. Ann Palatty

    Let COVID not ruin Children’s rights and opportunities.


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