Navjyoti Center celebrated National Children’s day on Sept. 14, 2020. Due to the pandemic, no formal celebrations were organized in Surkhet. Navjyoti Child Club network committee decided to celebrate the day with limited activities with the permission of District Administration and Birendranagr Municipality. Children had 3 hours of yoga and meditation facilitated by a trainer of life Science, 25 children participated.

At the end of the program, they had a silent march to Mangalgadi chowk with their banner. They stood on the platform with their banner and placards, wearing their new T-shirts with Navjyoti Center emblem. The banner projected the main slogan of the day: “Certainty of child rights: Everyone’s joint commitment”. Placards expressed the sayings of children as it was a silent display. It read:- “What is the role of government in the control of child abuse?” “Paying attention to child rights at the time of disasters is the obligation of all”. “Negligence of government during COVID-19 in the field of children’s education”. “Pay attention to the plight of violence affected and socially/ economically backward children to ascertain their future”. “Child Labor is a heinous crime against children”. “What is the role of police in controlling the use of children for trafficking drugs?” “Protection of child rights is the responsibility of one and all”. Since the program was on the main road passersby was curious to read the slogans. Children were happy that they were able to celebrate their day in spite of the COVID-19 restrictions.

Navjyoti Cooperative celebrated children’s day with 22 children and their parents who are having savings in the cooperative. They were given awareness on COVID-19 and soaps were distributed to children.

Sister Rosita