Charity Alive would like to share these stories that their members shared on Facebook for their appreciation to the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth during their Sisters Appreciation Month. They want the Sisters to know how much they appreciate them.


What Charity Alive means to me: Charity Alive means hope. There are young adults in the world who are passionate about providing service to those who are less fortunate. It means hope for the future. Often destruction and drama are blasted on the news However there is a future in CA. It doesn’t matter how small, but who’s willing to serve. Lastly there’s hope for the legacy of the SCN’s. Despite young adult attendance is most religious organizations, there are a few dedicated in caring out the mission of the SCN’s.

Charity Alive has impacted my life, by allowing me to have a prayer for those in need. I often take for granted how blessed I truly am ,but in serving I am reminded of the privileges I have. I will always remember to help, at any capacity as people will always needs someone praying and willing to assist, in times of need.

A Sr., that is near and dear to my heart is Sr. Brenda Gonzales, who was welcoming and forgiving as I spilled hot coffee on table 19. With her calming voice and willingness to grab napkins she reminded me to meet people where they are despite what they’ve done.

The SCN’s have loved, feed, shelter and taught me . I cannot thank them enough for all that they’ve done.


“Sissy, Would You like to go to Pittsburgh with my Charity Alive family?” Ill never forget that question! Ever. It change my life. That question, lead to me gaining family: brothers, sisters and MOSTLY SISTERS. It lead to me being comfort in my spirituality, to having my own beliefs and stand behind them. I became so much more than just the pain and stress that I was going thru. I was now on my journal to becoming a Charity Alive Member. The journey has been one of my own and i’m so glad that I achieve it. I look forward to seeing my brothers and sisters, i know that my cup will be full by the time I leave them.

Charity Alive has been my family, my protector and mostly my safe place. It wasnt until I hit the Nazareth campus that I realize that was my self place. I was able to BE KIYA. I wasnt ask to be anything but me. Nazareth allowed me to be at my lowest and be okay with it. It was the SISTERS that love on and pray for me. Sister Luke and Sister Nancy!! Walking blessing they have been to me. They have been nothing short of amazing. They have been there for me and MY CHILDREN. You don’t find genuine people like them every day.

The SISTERS!!!!! Thank God for blessing me with the chance to meet such beautiful souls. I have gain so much knowledge and wisdom. These woman (many in the field that I want to be in). Have pass on to me things to make me a better teacher and mother. I’m forever thankful to CHARITY ALIVE and THE SISTERS of Nazareth.

Happy Sisters Appreciation Month!


The Sisters of Charity of Nazareth have inspired me to love all people and to see the face of Jesus in everyone I encounter. I have developed into a strong woman because of the values they have instilled in me.

I am always so inspired by the work of the SCNs and know that I want to do as much as I can to advance their mission and vision. There are so many sisters who have opened my eyes to the love in the world. I am particularly thankful for my friendship with Sr. Amina Bejos who reminds me to speak up for what is just and to love others unconditionally.

The SCNs have supported me in the good times such as during birthdays and graduations but also in the difficult times when I have lost family members. I will be forever grateful for my connection to the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth.

Happy Sisters of Charity of Nazareth Appreciation Month!!


My shout out love goes to Sister Nancy Gerth. Sister Nancy was with me from the beginning of my discernment journey while I was contemplating becoming a Sister of Charity. She is always ready to greet you with a big hug and a warm smile that just brightens your day. I miss her dearly now that I’m living so far away!

Sister Nancy walked me through some big life questions in regards to discernment while I was in college. Without her, I would have been lost. She was a constant support and became a second mom to me during my undergrad years. Sister Nancy then helped move forward my vision for what became Charity Alive, by connecting me with others that had similar ideas.

Sister Nancy, you are a bright light in the world, always ready to lend a listening ear or laugh or cry along with others. Thank you for being you.

All my love!


Charity Alive has shown me and taught me what the love of Christ looks like. Help me to teach and show the same love of Christ to others. In 2013 I was in a really dark space. I stopped going to college and move into a crackhouse that my cousin owned. I started living very Worldly. I was not walking with our following Jesus Christ at all. I was selling drugs and also using drugs. My life was spiraling down hill. On top of that I had a baby on the way. Sister came to pick me up for a retreat we were attending to go do some volunteer work. Charity Alive. Little did I know she was going to save my life. So me being on drugs living the lifestyle that I was living I wasn’t able to see myself the way that I truly was. Anyway, as I come out of this shack that I’m calling my home sister Luke is looking at me with so much concern and worry in her face. She instantly asked, how was I doing and I replied that I was fine. She continued to look at the house at I walked to the car. We talked on the ride to Bardstown and I informed her that I wasn’t in school and that I was having a baby and struggling financially etc. Long story short, we went to the retreat had a great time with all of the sisters and fellow members of charity alive. Once we arrive back at my house she asked me could I do her a favor. I said of course. Anything you ask I will do for you sister Luke 2. My real girlfriend. Inside joke. She asked me that if she helped me get back in school would I promise her that I will graduate. I told her yes maam. I will do.

I go back to school the following semester, graduated and my daughter was born. I am now currently teaching at a private Christian Academy, and I have accepted my call in Christ and I am now a minister in training to become a pastor. This is because of charity alive. Because of the love God installed on the sisters which spread to me. I’m forever indebted and thank God for the sisters of Nazareth. Especially sister Luke and sister Nancy. The great relationships I have built within the family of charity alive and great experiences of love thats been shared with me. I thank God til this day still. I love everyone and everything in charity alive. No matter distance, time spent away etc. The love of God is always shared. Happy Appreciation Month To The Sisters of Charity of Nazareth.


Being apart of The Sisters of Charity of Nazareth Family as a member of Charity Alive for 7 years has been and continues to be a blessing to my life. The SCN’s have impacted my life in such a loving and major way. I’ve developed deeper compassion of service to others in the community, leadership and organizational skills, I have grown in my personal relationship with God, and I have recieved the support, advice, and guidance from SCN’s of Nazareth in my life. In this world it is very important to have support, prayer, and relationships with people you can trust. The Sisters of Charity of Nazareth and my Charity Alive peers are those people in my life along with my loving & exceptional husband and family. In the midst of the stress and trials in life it has always been such a privilege to take a break from everyday life along with other Charity Alive members and retreat at The SCN Campus in Bardstown Kentucky. We gather for prayer, self reflection, and fellowship with the Sisters. This has given us what we needed to go back into the world and shine the light of Jesus Christ within us and share the Gifts that God has given each of us for His Glory.

I attend First Virginia Avenue Missionary Baptist and I’m not a member of the Catholic Church. But the love and relationships i have formed with The Sisters of Charity of Nazareth goes far past denominations. Our bond is through our genuine love for God and one another. Sister Margaret Rodericks, Sister Luke Boiarski, Sister Nancy Gerth, and Sister Anne Magruder have made a significant difference in my life and I’ve developed special relationships with each one of these sisters. They have attended the most important events in my life. My graduation from College, both of my brothers’ special events deacon ordination, housewarming party, Special Olympics basketball games, and my wedding day. The fact that they took time out of their busy schedules of service and ministry to stay connected with me is very special to me. The gifts that each of them have given me I hold dear to my heart.

Though I am married now and experiencing the life of adulthood with working and busy schedules just like my other Charity Alive peers. I am committed to live the mission of compassion, love, and service to others especially individuals with special needs and their caregivers in my life. I still cherish coming to visit at The Nazareth Campus, spending time with the sisters, and volunteering in the community or going on a mission trip with the SCN volunteer program! Charity Alive has impacted my life because of the loving relationships with The Sisters of Charity of Nazareth, Other Charity Alive Members, and The SCN Family as a whole. As a member of Charity Alive I am thankful and I am happy to show love and appreciation to the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth!! Happy Sisters Appreciation Month!!!