Charity Alive continues with Sisters of Charity of Nazareth Appreciation Month as Charity Alive member Marcel Williams shares his story of how the Sisters helped to change his life.

Charity Alive has shown me and taught me what the love of Christ looks like. Help me to teach and show the same love of Christ to others.

In 2013 I was in a really dark space. I stopped going to college and move into a crackhouse that my cousin owned. I started living very worldly. I was not walking with our following Jesus Christ at all. I was selling drugs and also using drugs. My life was spiraling downhill. On top of that, I had a baby on the way.

Sister came to pick me up for a retreat we were attending to go do some volunteer work. Charity Alive. Little did I know she was going to save my life. So me being on drugs living the lifestyle that I was living I wasn’t able to see myself the way that I truly was.

Anyway, as I come out of this shack that I’m calling my home Sister Luke is looking at me with so much concern and worry in her face. She instantly asked, how was I doing and I replied that I was fine. She continued to look at the house as I walked to the car. We talked on the ride to Bardstown and I informed her that I wasn’t in school and that I was having a baby and struggling financially etc.

Long story short, we went to the retreat had a great time with all of the Sisters and fellow members of Charity Alive. Once we arrive back at my house she asked me could I do her a favor. I said of course. Anything you ask I will do for you Sister Luke. My real girlfriend. Inside joke. She asked me that if she helped me get back in school would I promise her that I will graduate. I told her yes ma’am. I will do.

I go back to school the following semester, graduated and my daughter was born. I am now currently teaching at a private Christian Academy and I have accepted my call in Christ and I am now a minister in training to become a pastor. This is because of Charity Alive. Because of the love God installed on the Sisters which spread to me.

I’m forever indebted and thank God for the Sisters of Nazareth. Especially Sister Luke and Sister Nancy. The great relationships I have built within the family of Charity Alive and great experiences of love that’s been shared with me. I thank God to this day still. I love everyone and everything in Charity Alive. No matter distance, time spent away etc. The love of God is always shared. Happy Appreciation Month to the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth.