Sept. 25 had been an auspicious day for the 39th batch of skill trainees. They were from 3 districts such as Dailekh, Kalikot, and Surkhet. Though there were 28 trainees in the initial stage some of them had to return to their homes during the lockdown, caused by COVID-19. After a gap of 3 months of lockdown, 16 trainees insisted on completing their training. With all the health measures they resumed the training. They were given farewell on 25th September during a function where they sang and danced. They also shared their future plans.

A new group of 15 trainees was also present. On the 23rd they were given one day of yoga and meditation to reduce the stress caused by the coronavirus. The high light of the day was Sabina Khatun, one of the ex-trainees was chosen as the chief guest. She is a Muslim and was a victim of domestic violence. She spoke very confidently about her struggle and the new life she has received through Navjyoti Center. Due to COVID-19 her husband who was abroad lost his job and returned home empty-handed. Now the entire family is dependent on Sabina’s income. She has become the manager of her house where she makes decisions. She has earned the respect of the family including her in-laws in whose eyes she was nothing but a slave. During the function, there was a short interaction with a group of ex- trainees who are earning their livelihood through tailoring. They responded to the queries raised by the trainees, explaining through their own experiences. They also spoke about the necessity of women being self-reliant which is the only way to reduce domestic violence against women. Participants realized the importance of learning skills which would provide empowerment, reduce poverty, and promote gender equality. The program came to an end with the distribution of certificates and the participants enjoyed the snacks prepared in Navjyoti Center.

Sister Rosita