Center for Hearing and Deaf Services

Posted by Spalding Hurst

May 2, 2023

The inspiring story of how the Center for Hearing and Deaf Services is empowering individuals with hearing loss to communicate with confidence and independence recently appeared on the KD Sunday Spotlight on CBS News in Pittsburgh. The segment highlighted the organization’s efforts to promote inclusivity and accessibility and featured an interview with Sister Rita Gesue, a client today who worked at the center for decades.

In a world where communication is key, hearing loss can have a profound impact on one’s quality of life. However, the Center for Hearing and Deaf Services in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is making a significant difference by empowering individuals with hearing loss to communicate more effectively and confidently.


Sister Rita Gesue, a client of the center, is just one of many individuals who have benefited from their services. “I can certainly hear better, and it’s just given me an open road to something that might be closed for someone my age,” she says. By teaching clients how to make their voice loud and clear, the center is not only helping them communicate but also promoting a sense of independence.

Access to hearing aids and other assistive technologies is also key to promoting inclusivity. The Center for Hearing and Deaf Services recognizes this and provides its clients with the resources they need to participate fully in daily activities and social interactions.

Their efforts to promote accessibility and inclusivity are creating a more equitable world for all. And what’s even more inspiring is that Sister Rita Gesue not only benefited from the center’s services but also worked there for decades. Her experience as both an employee and a client likely gave her a unique perspective on the importance of hearing health and accessibility.

Individuals like Sister Rita Gesue are a testament to the impact that organizations like the Center for Hearing and Deaf Services can have on communities. They are making a difference in the lives of those who may otherwise feel isolated or excluded. And for that, they deserve our recognition and support.


  1. Rita Gesue

    Thank you. I’m hopeful that it will help the Agency reach more people.

  2. Kelly

    Yay! Rita 💕

  3. Mary Gene Frank

    Rita, truly an amazing and gifted woman. So happy to hear that your own hearing deficit has been helped. Can’t wait to visit with you

  4. Linda Soltis, SCN

    Rita, I am so proud of you and the work you have accomplished on behalf of the hearing impaired. Just think of all the lives you have made better by your advocacy for services and programs to improve the quality of life for others.

  5. camille panich

    Rita, it is so apparent how dear to your heart the issues of the hearing impaired have always been. This video on the work in the Pittsburgh area and your influence and involvement in the program was so well done. It was wonderful to see so many happy smiling faces!

  6. Eugenie Coakley scna

    Accessibility and inclusivity! Thank you for sharing your story, Sr. Rita.

  7. Betty Blandford scn

    So proud to have you speaking up for those who are experiencing hearing issues. Thanks for your support!

  8. Luke

    Wonderful story! Thank you for your advocacy for the hearing impaired.
    The joy in the people faces was so evident as they feel loved and accepted.

    • Louise Smith

      You are inspiring and helpful to so many. Thank for sharing your story and being a good example.

      • Angie Shaughnessy

        As one with a hearing loss, I thank you for your advocacy.

    • Maria Brocato

      Dear Rita, how great that you have been client and service provider at this valuable Center!

  9. Michelle

    Thanks Rita for your persistent advocacy for individuals who are deaf and hard-of-hearing. You have made a big difference for so many people.


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